Tuesday's thread is full of grace



Alright? Off to see Arrival tonight, been avoiding all reviews like the plague so don’t go a-spoilin’ for me now.

Are you graceful? I used to be the clumsiest child in the world but I’m like a cat now.


I was just about to start a Tuesday thread and this one popped up. Hurrah for NewDiS!

I’ve got a pretty graceful touch for a big man.

Not much news to report. I actually slept last night without too much interruption and therefore feel pretty okay. The cold is subsiding and I have working use of at least one nostril #blessed #thankful


In an absolutely foul mood. Croissants for breakfast didn’t help. Was going to channel it into tearing into some alt-right/GamerGate fanny on a boardgaming subreddit but what even is the point.

Should probably have a coffee.


I like to feel I move with a powerful grace. Feeling better than I was yesterday - climbing tonight which I hope will allow me to work out the remaining pent up frustration with my family.


I’m alright JI, you?

I don’t think I’m particularly graceful, but I’m not clumsy either. Distinctly average amounts of grace. Maybe more in some aspects of life and less in others.
(The clumsiest person in our office is called Grace - YCMIU!)

I got an upgrade to a suite yesterday when I arrived at the hotel which is nice, but I’m only there until tomorrow so feels like kind of a waste. Nice though.


Do it. Link it. And we’ll all pile in. (not even on redditbook)


Alright emo! Yeah I’m nae too bad pal, looking forward to some time off work in a month’s time.

Are we talking Junior Suite here or all out butler included swank?


It absolutely isn’t worth it, but: https://m.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/5e9hfb/why_do_we_need_a_weekly_diversity_video/


Is there any way we can reformat this as a Twitter long-read?


Hang on, I’ll turn it into 47 small screenshots and post them in sequence here.




Morning Jeremy and all,

I’m doing okay. Still sleeping funny and I’ve woken up with a wheezy cough again. Didn’t do much last night beyond watching the walking dead and Luke Cage.

I’m a terrible clutz and definitely couldn’t be considered graceful. Falling over, losing balance, walking into walks, spilling drinks down myself, dropping food etc. Disgusting and goofy in equal measures.


eesh… Wouldn’t it be nice if people understood that sometimes opinions (e.g. ‘alt-right’ ones) can actually be wrong




We must respect the ideologies of others.


Sounds graceful as fuck!


I’m certainly no figure skater!



went for a drink last night with an odd mix of work people I don’t actually work with (organised by someone I used to work with)

some of them were talking about Top Gear and were a bit Brexity

went home and got curry delivered and watched Atlanta and the Walking dead - saved the evening

Kept waking up last night thanks to stormy weather outside and weird dreams involving my cat dying and someone stealing all my guitar equipment

Looking forward to a quietish week at work thanks to american colleagues being off to eat turkey


Junior suite, so fancy - but not ultra swank.

Bath and dual sinks just off the main room with a curtain, office area, separate toilet, separate shower. bit much for one person there for 2 nights tbh :smiley:


Ooft! Whirlpool bath?