It’s a few minutes early but what are you gonna do about it? Had a pretty productive day; got a haircut, done a lot of laundry, took loads of stuff to the charity shop, all before lunch, so since then just been lazing about watching TV and eating. Got some jack-pots in the oven, might crack a beer. How about YOU?


Day was productive and good. And yet I feel fucking shite.

Unhelpfully drinking this evening. One more and then home.

Early night, leftover risotto for tea.

Have 4 minutes left in work

Look after yourself pal, hope you feel better.


had a productive morning, did very little more recently

water’s entirely out so I might get a takeaway

In taxi en route home form the airport.
No food in the flat so might treat myself to a dr oetkers :+1:


Hopping down to Trafalgar Square to the extinction protest. Apparently Orbital are playing at 7.

Alright. Done naff all really today. Kiddo fell asleep really early this morning and slept for most of it. Gave her lunch, went Aldi then made hers and our dinner. Will out her to bed in a bit and watch GBBO. Dunno whether to have beer or not.

Dinner is veggie lentil cottage pie. Just needs warning through and the top going crispy


My girlfriend (ooh look at him) is gonna be here in 30 minutes and I’m so excited I can’t do anything other than shitpost



might do a film pod, if i call it fear and loathing in west yorkshire would that be a good name

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No. I would be it off by that name. That might just be me though, but wanted to answer honestly.

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my gf gets home at 9 from work and atm i’m bored af, hurry up woman i am fretting like a dog

Don’t test me Funkster!

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dammit i thought i was onto something there but you’re right. hmm :thinking:

Mostly boils down to me being embarrassed to be British so whenever something references a place I assume it’s a bit Brexity


I’m not clear how this differs from your normal posting :wink:

Have a good one mate.

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How about Fear and Loathing in West Samoa


no you’re right. i would think same. also considering some of the people west yorkshire has produced it kind of suggests a true crime pod…:grimacing:

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Tonight I shall be mainly eating salmon en croute and going to see Snapped Ankles play live. A good evening, as evenings go (I hope - I may yet get salmonella from dinner, and the gig could be shit, but let’s be optimistic about this)

Such tired legs for some reason. Had a meeting with my new team today and I sat with a good mix of people the rest of the day and it was really lovely :blush:

Apart from the influencer nonsense it was a good day. Got curry for dinner, and can not wait to get cosy in bed.