Alright? Had a mighty long day, involving me breaking the big mechanical door at the back of the building at 4pm (got it fixed before hometime thank fuck) and locking some cars in the car park cause they’d parked there then gone off somewhere else. Also got paid and now it’s my weekend. Gonna make chicken curry for tea and maybe start a big Taskmaster rewatch. HBU?


‘er indoors’ weird rude friend just showed up at our front door unannounced but instead of knocking she just peered through the living room window. Shat it at seeing this big weirdo face staring at me. Fuck sake.



Evening. Fish finger wraps (plus your chilli jam) for tea. Then need to clear out my car because it’s being serviced and MOTd tomorrow. Exciting times.


You like breaking in back doors Funky?

Found my aromatherapy oil. I’d put it in the bin.

Trying to tidy my shitheap room. How do people get good at organisation and storage? Mystifies me

Stuffed mushrooms for dinner I think

Evening Funky, Epimer, Laelfy, Tilts, JP and all who come after.
I’ve got my feet up after a nine-mile walk this afternoon. Bought a can of cream soda towards the end - think it might be my favourite soft drink.
Back to work tomorrow and whereas I’ve not got dreads, Private Eye has just informed me that a couple of colleagues have had the boot. It’s the kind of thing that, as well as making me sorry for the
guys in question, puts me on edge.

She wouldn’t go away so I started seeing how my different fuzz pedals interact with my new wah wah pedal. Need to do that loudly to tell the differences, obviously.

She’s gone now.


Evening everyone!

Had a nice day seeing friends and chatting. Home to clear the bedroom, sugar soap the walls and prepare for decorating tomorrow…

Quite tired tbh. And irked that newsround has been axed!

right? i only own like three clothes in total and they always end up everywhere

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Imagine I posted the pic of the pile of clothes that constitutes my wardrobe, which I must have put on here at least 3 times in lockdown

Fucking hell I caught* the sun today.

:lobster: :squid: :pig:

*and rubbed it all over my fucking huge forehead and nose.

I’m naturally very bad at this. You need i) more storage space than you think you need, and ii) A System. If you don’t have i) you’ll just move different piles of crap around forever. If you don’t have ii) you’ll never put stuff away because it doesn’t have a defined place. Everything needs to have a defined place. Everything.

Your A System will be sub-optimal at first but that’s fine, you optimise it over time.

making risotto from the shit veg left in the fridge

who can guess what the two vegs are in this risotto

not sure it’s going to be nice tbh

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Courgette and hmm radish


Leek and carrot

Ohj fucking hell i started running a bath about an hour ago

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no! they’re good!!

No! How am I supposed to fill those 5 mins before lunch now?

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