Its the evening thread.

might watch dumb and dumber later - one of the all time great films.


I want a new pair of cords. I don’t want to wear anything else this winter.

Had a really annoying day at work where nobody got back to me with the stuff I need to GET ON WITH IT, then my tortilla ripped* and I had to eat my fajita with a fucking knife and fork.

I’m not in a great mood, if I’m honest.

*not a euphemism

Brave move wearing chords and nothing else in this weather.


I’ve never seen Dumb and Dumber. Should I rectify that?

you really should


very acceptable. often do this even when I don’t need to.

Me neither…

Noted (although only the sequel seems to be on Netflix)

Hi prof-dog.

Beans on toast with cheese for dinner tonight. That best films of the new millennia thread has made me dig out some good’uns so gonna watch In the Mood for Love.

Brought back some reduced yum yums from M&S but the wife-o doesn’t seem impressed so I guess I’m eating all 4?


This is weird and annoying, when Netflix only put on sequels and not originals. Why would they do that?

don’t eat these because the name seems humiliating.

actual true story.



I’m going for a walk.


Fucking awful weather mates. Got soaked. It’s okay tho cos I came home to v good post.

Also plasticmike has made flatbreads??? :grin::grin::grin:

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Had a beer on the way to the ex’s. Getting the kids to bed, my daughter has apparently gone ‘richter scale’ tonight. Fun times.

Take away, might let them watch Lego Masters and then conk out on the sofa.

Would it help if I called them doughnut tubes instead?


you’re getting there

Could go a doughnut tube or three right now.

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Who knows. It makes no sense, surely? Most people wouldn’t (I suspect) jump straight to a sequel.

Managed to do a Really Scary Thing today at work (for me, anyway) and not throw up all over myself in fear :partying_face: Made an okra and chickpea cuzza to celebrate, now settling down to reeeelax.