Tuesdayyyyyy eveningggggg


i’ve made the morning and evening threads, very poor form tbh.

my new phone is waiting at home so i’m gonna mess about with it which i’m weirdly excited about given that it’s basically a slightly bigger version of the phone i already have. will probably eat some burgers and play super meat boy even though it’s getting ridiculously hard.

what are you up to?


Grated some cheese onto my lunch this morning.
Left the (cheese-covered) grater on the side next to the sink. The sun must have been shining on it all day and now the kitchen stinks of cheddar.

Making stir fry (meh) for tea shortly.

Not much else to report.


Made a decent bolognese/ mince and tomato sauce.


About to make risotto. I want pizza.


wat fone u gettin hun??


Evening Eric,

Just grilling some chicken to have with some salad. Got Discovery (@Kallgeese) blaring through the speakers so things are prettttty good indeed!

Going to see Get Out in a bit.


Hi again Eric, I’ve just finished RPM and now I’m stood looking like a very sweaty beetroot waiting for body balance to commence. Would rather go home and put my face in a cake.


Yo Eric and assorted evening threaders. I’m eating some

Waiting for my flatmate to get home, she’s going to start teaching me Spanish!


Got the mortgage and valuation sorted, you’ll all be glad to hear. Only a few months more and I can make a “What type of flooring should I get” thread and then in 5 years “interest rates are 11% oh god help”


just had enough of everything guys :frowning:




just the next galaxy whatever. used to have the small one, now i have the normal sized one (wahey)




are you excited for masterchef tomorrow? there could be a new brenton!!


I’ve got a massive bag of carrots for tea.


As if anyone could ever replace Fenton :heart: I’ll be sure to let you know if I fancy anyone else though.


Feeling really uneasy for some reason.



Just done a 32.3 mile cycle, a pizza is in the oven, gonna crack on with Layers of Fear on the Xbone. Might watch Two Days, One Night before it falls off the iPlayer. Marion Cotillard :heart_eyes:



(-'tive) started a new job and thus can’t piss about on here all day, at least for the foreseeable future

(+'tive) huw stephens played my band on radio1 last night and now my aunties all think i’m famous