Tuesdayyyyyy eveningggggg

Was a drill purchased this weekend gone?

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Home alone tonight as the TV helping out on a school trip to the theatre. Made cous cous and grilled halloumi salad and drinking a 13% beer. Making a grand old playlist for a road trip to Leeds at the weekend

hi can I be a diser again?

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I’ve just been listening to your album. I’m only two tracks in but it’s really, really good. I mean, you should get it out there. I don’t know what that involves these days… as someone said on the other thread, it’s not just “good for a guy on a forum” good; it’s innovative, beautifully written and it sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the production. I could list some things it reminds me of but I don’t think any fair judgement can come from comparison. Great job, Bamnan, great job.

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thank you so much. I’ve given up the will though really, now it’s done I just can’t see how I can do anything with it. Damn depression.

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It was not, but we are currently in possession of Mike’s bro’s drill.



Just back from a wee run at the gym, they’ve finally put the fucking air con on, what a difference a big blast of cold air is every 5mons or so.
Now back to look after a poorly tv.

Genuinely wonder if there’s anyone on here with marketing / promotion experience who might be able to get alongside you? Depression aside, recording an album is emotionally draining, plus doing this alone is pretty tough.

Keep going, man :slight_smile:


How about coming up with some artwork for your album and making a physical album and sending it out for reviews? I’d buy a physical version of your album and I’m sure loads of others would too.

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yeah I’m not very good at that kind of thing though unfortunately. I was just hoping the music would be enough but that’s naive in this day and age I will have to try and find some willpower somewhere,

thanks though :slight_smile:

Deferred adulthood, good plan!


There are loads of arty / graphics-y people on here too…

Hello, was working up til about half an hour ago.

Writing notes for a work exam I have at the end of next month, probably doing too much too soon. It want to get it out of the way.

Last of the leftover veg pasta for tea.

Watching France vs Spain even though it’s completely pointless.

Evening, going to see Kong: Skull Island in a bit.

I’m getting a bit carried away thinking about some big DiS team effort to get this album off the ground.


someone must be mates with sean?

Everyone’s mates with @sean

Seriously though - he’s quite a busy guy but he might at least be able to give some useful advice?

ah well it’s just good to hear people have enjoyed it!