Robbie Coltrane and Richard E. Grant are on Frasier. Not in work til 12. Gonna play super meat boy.




Hello. My big boss is going to be here today. Trying to decide if it’s more effort to look busy or actually make myself busy.


morning eric,

drove by the 02 academy at 8am and there were already about 20 odd folk queuing for tonights gig, band called all time low. nope, not heard of them either.

i’ve got quite a lot to do today


Good day to one and all.

Isn’t it lovely outside? Yes, yes it is.

Today, I have to set objectives for my direct reports for this year, complete my own objectives for last year and prepare for a meeting in Caerdydd tomorrow as well as continue to build evidence for recommended changes to train times between Newcastle & Berwick.


i like that episode where fraiser and his brother get into bother for being middle class. with hilarious consequences.


day off today and also pay day :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: only had one slice of bread in for breakfast toast this morn though. did an online shop, doing a job application now, going to go out and buy coffee and go to wilko later. 9/10 day lined up.


all time low were in Newcastle the other night, observed the same thing, was heartwarming to see so many emo kids queuing outside all day, thought it was a thing of the past


pay day for me as well. woohoo!! :slight_smile: :dollar:


Serious case of the CBAs today. Gonna knacker myself out after work at the gym and have an early night tonight I reckon


How many ivory backscratchers is it going to be this month?


not up here. think spring peaked yesterday.


Ah yes, S04E12. One of my faves.


gonna sack the ivory backsctachers this month, think i’m gonna buy a new jacket, maybe an ivory one


Got to love Frasier’s representation of British people.


All four british siblings have completely different accents.


Driving up to Leeds this afternoon - CBA with 4 hours in the car. Got some viewings lined up for tomorrow - CBA with the private rental sector. Staying at my dad’s as he’s the only one of my family in the area with a free bed - CBA with him right now.


Hiya Eric and DiS,

Guys… I don’t know if I’ve just got a weird leg and it’s always been like that or if it’s as a result of all the spin classes I’ve been doing but I think… I think I might have some muscular development in my right leg. I’ve named it Conan obviously, he’s pleased to meet you all :wave:

Did I see that we have a couple x-files fans coming to the Glasgow meat? Can we geek out and have a competition to see who can best hum the theme tune whilst wearing our x-files t-shirts? I know you’ve got them! don’t lie to me! @Songs_about_ducking and @Lo-Pan


@Scout has the best x files shirt!


Morning ezzer and friends. Going for my first British Summer Time cycle after work tonight and got a bachelor evening in so will eat pizza, drink beer and play Xbox.