Tuesdee Mornen

Didn’t see one yet

Drove early to work knowing that driving turns into a From Software production as soon as you enter Birmingham proper, but I’m such a pro that the margin of error was unnecessary so I’m sitting in my car.

Julia Holter toniiiight!!! V excited



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Saw a hedgehog in the garden this morning! :smiley:


Headaches baby, headaches.
No please,
I don’t want
The headaches.

I have some tins of soup at work, figured this would be the best lunch today

Normally take some bread in to have with it, but left without it so decided to nip to the shop to get some before work

Got to work… no soup.

Gonna be one of those days

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Stupid airport bus just stopped, opened its doors nd closed them on us and a bunch of other people and drove off.

If I were you I’d have some peas with that.


Oh dear lord please make the hayfever stop. Sneezing on the motorway is not fun. :sneezing_face:

Today is my Friday and we’ve got a whole heap of deliveries arriving. Only 8 1/4 hours to go!

It’s also Devon Day today so enjoy a proper pasty and a cream tea done properly, oh and a cider. My treat.

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Gonna attempt to look at dinosaur bones again, yesterday’s attempt was hampered by the museum not being open.

Misread the thread title as Tuesday Moreen. Now I have it repeating in my head, but in the voice of Boycie from Only Fools and Horses.

Maybe I should just go back to bed.

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Got the work summer party today so ‘working’ 1pm till 9pm (though I was up at 6:30am in order to get a report update in by 9am)

Might take the rest of the week off - Thursday is a bank holiday anyway and it’s the Red Bull Music Festival this week and a bunch of pals are playing so I’m looking forward to this




and VERY MUCH this



Was doing alright until I looked at that 6music Primavera Facebook comment thread

St. Petroc was Welsh and lived mostly in Cornwall but beggars can’t be choosers.


Yet to be put on a project in work. Spent yesterday doing relevant academic research into the job (lol) but that was just to have something to do. Someone please help, link me to some spicy pdfs

Full of knobs?

Would you believe?


Just had a good meeting with a local councillor who really listened to me about ideas for the city and how to improve it, shame none of the elected members listen and care the way he does.

Listening to the Led Dennis/Richard Herring podcast and now have the urge to watch Family Fortunes.

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Good morning manches-brute and everyone,

I’m at the airport :sob:
Things I lost during this holiday -
My new sunglasses
My favourite necklace
My phone - but this was, miraculously found at Lost Property within half an hour of realising it was missing. I suspect I left it on the hill where I was chatting to an Italian guy, so I think he probably handed it in, thanks IG! Oddly, the woman at LP told me the person who handed it in had left me a note with the phone but we never found that so idk what she was on about tbh.

I really don’t want to go home.
But I do miss Winnie terribly so that makes it a little easier.

Plane anxiety :sob:
Looking forward to making a delicious lentil bologanise for dinner with loads of lovely vegetables.

Have a happy Tuesday, pals x