Tuesdee Mornen

Good morning manches-brute and everyone,

I’m at the airport :sob:
Things I lost during this holiday -
My new sunglasses
My favourite necklace
My phone - but this was, miraculously found at Lost Property within half an hour of realising it was missing. I suspect I left it on the hill where I was chatting to an Italian guy, so I think he probably handed it in, thanks IG! Oddly, the woman at LP told me the person who handed it in had left me a note with the phone but we never found that so idk what she was on about tbh.

I really don’t want to go home.
But I do miss Winnie terribly so that makes it a little easier.

Plane anxiety :sob:
Looking forward to making a delicious lentil bologanise for dinner with loads of lovely vegetables.

Have a happy Tuesday, pals x

Oh god fuck reading that past your comments.
Small minded dickheads😡

Ah, I’ve started commenting. What have you done?!

I am very sorry x

World’s weirdest crossover tribute artist?

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Had a day off yesterday, went to a trading estate to look at new windows. It was raining. Properly glamorous annual leave, right there.

Completely exhausted today, not even sure why. Work to do, totally cba. I sit in this tiny side office and nobody else is here. My main incentive to do work is the social pressure of others seeing me doing nothing, so today is gonna be :+1:

It’s ok, I’ve restrained myself to two comments and have backed away.

I like the guy with the made up stats saying it’s not even possible for there to be that many female bands.


I am so very tired as I have been waking up when it gets light at 4am. Good job I’m going on holiday on Friday!!..to a place that has 24 hour sunlight. Fuuuuck.

Our survey says…

banging riff



I got home at midnight last night and instead of going straight to bed I had a wind down watching an episode of Mad Men and now I’m really tired. But for all I know I would have just laid in bed for an hour failing to get to sleep anyway so

In the office and today I have my headphones!!!

Got a spicy reply to my post now, which is all I really wanted.

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Morning all. I lost my eyeliner and I feel naked without it, almost getting an anxiety attack about it cause I suck :sob:

Second day of UAT. Final day of UAT. It’s my Friday.

Picking up a hire car this afternoon, then off to London town to see some comedy and a girl.

Can I have your lentil recipe please?

Kinda just make it up as I go along.
Chop a red onion or 2, red/yellow/orange pepper, grate a couple of carrots, sauté for a bit then add a chopped and deseeded red chilli, bulb of garlic (chopped but also add a couple in their skins too so you get an oozey surprise at the end) generous teaspoon of smoked paprika and sweet paprika, add tomato puree, a couple of tins of plum tomatoes and a vegetable stock cube, a tin or two of hot water then add lentils. A bay leaf and dried herbs de provence and or oregano, if you have have any fresh herbs bosh them in too.
Add a bit of worcester sauce if you eat fish, balsamic vinegar if not.
I like to serve with wholewheat spaghetti which I drizzle liberally with extra virgin olive oil before dolloping on the bolognaise, cheddar and or parmigiano reggiano and fresh basil.
Oooh and add peas.


Oh simmer the lentils for 40 mins or so.
I think we use roughly 280 and it makes around 6 portions but idk!

Cripes. Irks me that these people think they’re proper eclectic music enthusiasts as well

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before i checked what you were replying to i assumed we were discussing the queen thread

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Ok make it stop now

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sounds similar to a jamie oliver one i’ve done a lot which is delish

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