Tuesdevening 12/11

Hi there! Finished work at 3, went to the supermarket, then ate a load of pringles and vegetable pakoras so dinner is delayed until we’re hungry enough. Still feeling pretty :frowning: but it’s my weekend so that’s nice. If anyone wants to see how awful where I live is during summer, this was on last night

Whatcha doin’ then team?

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just had Linda McCartney’s sausages for the first time in roughly 10 years…

they’re pretty good!


FNC at Teebs. Still got 240 miles to go. Have to come up with two instances of conflict and how I dealt with them for tomorrow’s training - reckon I can cite DiS? :thinking:


life is so stupid isn’t it? Mad that I get stressed about what to get when I’m shopping when I’ll be well dead in 50,000 years

Couple of halves to escape the horrible, horrible rain. My usual post-work spot was too busy, ended up in a place that’s dead cos it’s way more of a 10pm cocktails n shots crowd but it also has a really good beer menu, so. Off to see Luce over at Cineworld in about half an hour.

Early-ish night cos I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow.

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What’s the best sausage

  • Plain pork
  • Plain beef
  • Quorn
  • Linda Mc
  • Lincolnshire
  • Cumberland
  • Sweet chilli
  • Pork & red onion
  • Pork & apple
  • Venison
  • Toulouse
  • Other

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Hope you’re doing ok mate.

My day off tomorrow. Had a pretty stressful day today with an unannounced food safety audit. Passed that but it’s a lot of pressure.

No idea what’s for dinner, probably something pretty simple. Gonna get some beer in and relax.


Want me to pick a fight with someone so you can mediate?

Caramelised onion


I think that’s what I meant by red onion.

More than capable of picking fights myself :smiley:

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Shut up.

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generally think sausages are one of the least enticing meats/meat substitutes tbh, can’t imagine a situation I’d rather have a sausage than a burger

“Mmm burgers and mash”


well mash is the worst way to eat a potato so I don’t run into that problem


Of all the things you’ve ever said on here, this is by far the worst.


This is the wrongest opinion on potatoes ever. Like profk levels of food opinions


it’s like it’s already been chewed up and then spat out onto the pl…oh wait it’s you I’m talking to :wink:



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can’t imagine profk would be wrong about food, seems like a solid lad