Tuesdevening 5th

Alright. I’m currently in the bath FYI @Bamnan.

Then I’ll see what I can salvage from the fridge for tea.


Hello. Had jacket potatoes for tea again, beans w/ sausages and cheese tonight. Got some chores to do then probably more crime TV then bedtime. Oh and this arrived


Had a craving for Breakfast for Dinner. Ordered some bits of shopping on deliveroo like rockerfeller, the driver dropped the bag that had smashable stuff in and I got a second delivery of EVERYTHING when it was only 2 things that were ruined.

Then M blocked the toilet.

The Lord gives with one hand and takes away with the other.


Flight delayed. Really should have booked tomorrow off.

Stir fry for dinner. Might have a beer later.

Got one free night in Munich before I’ve to head home. Going to drink loads of Augustiner and watch the football.


Breakfast for dinner is an epic shout. Got some eggs and that!!

Had bath, waiting on spicy med veg and cous cous, might watch Boiling Point? Probs have 1x very weird beer (in shiny new glass)

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Want someone to make me a delicious dinner that I can eat alone

Evening all!

I had quite a nice, gentle first proper day of holidays.

Wor Lass has been coughing since yesterday and has since tested positive for Rona.

There remains significant possibility that the rest of my holiday will not be gentle or nice.


Hey hey. Fay off tomorrow. Wooo. Duck stir fry for tea, beer for no reason other than I can.

GWS Wor Lass


Also sort of went breakfast for dinner as I’m having a frankly filthy veggie breakfast bagel

Those moving mountains sausage burgers are pricey but so good


was editing all day at work. ran home and ate tea and now i’m gonna do a bunch more editing all evening. could i be doing any more editing?

half watching a welsh true crime thing. kind of fascinating to me which accents sky have deemed to need subtitles and not others. could go to bed right now tbh but i’ll try to stay up past 10pm. might have a bonus bowl of cereal.


And now The Child has tested positive too.

I might go and stay somewhere else for the week.

Can anyone recommend a European city break?



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You’re welcome!

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Got any sauce up in there?

Ketchup on the side, would’ve had some brown in the mix as well but the little minx has gone missing

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