Tuesdevening : the Cooling

About time for an evening thread

It’s still roasting inside, but it’s now really pleasant outside. A beer in the garden beckons for my evening


Sudden gust of wind and cloud in Hastings!

Freezing in my house, AC cranking. Beer time.


Taps aff and staying aff for the duration

Might go and buy a tin of beans.

Still brutal oooop norff


It’s still like a fan oven outside. Still. Gonna have a coldish shower and sit out with a glass of wine until it’s safe to open the windows

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28 here, still too much.

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Had NA beer in park, lay watching clouds, nearly finished ma book

home to piss, finish book, organise weekend plans, have med veg and cous coys


Windy cloudy. Dangling legs out window watching the bobs burgers movie

Cooking chicken nuggets and fries

bit disappointed you only got like 1 day of that heat. I wanted everyone to suffer as I have suffered.

Jesus should have said the same after he got nailed to the cross tbh.


Once it gets to 30 outside I’ll open the windows and curtains again

Drinking audit
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Weird day. Rang in with tonsil stuff, went and did big shop, washed up and had a much needed nap. Tonsils are now causing me grief with earache and throat pain. Penicillin for dinner and maybe another ice lolly. How exciting.

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Still 31 in the house it’s only dropped a degree and a half since 2 o’clock

Delayed marg from yesterday when one beer had me too tipsy to bother with any more

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That’s because you probably had some 8.5% Nordic Saison, heatwave’s are for macro lagers my good man.


Just a 5.5% pineapple sour IPA! So, only nearly an accurate takedown


water. lots of water