Tuesdevening Thread

Evening all!

@tilty wants a platform to show us her dinner, so here’s the Evening thread.

Everyone else is, of course, welcome to show us their dinner and/or tell us what they’re up to tonight.

Campfire stew was tea at casa foxy

Planning on doing very little for the rest of the evening.


I nearly started a thread with a similar title so I’m glad I didn’t.

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Your dinner looks lush @urbanfox

I am currently cooking pork belly (slow roasting), mash potato and green beans.

No plans for the evening even though there is plenty I should be doing I have no motivation to do any of it. I might watch a film; Norwegian Wood is on Mubi and I’ve never watched it.


Gnocchi for dinner, which was so so, but I got to use my new toaster for dessert, which was waffles, berries and Cornish ice cream. Mmmmm.


Thank youuuu!

Here’s mmine!


Hour left at work.

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Couldn’t be arsed with making anything so just had another bagel.

Catching up on the pottery

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Swear my skull is changing shape :no_mouth:

I would like this please.


Oh I didn’t take a pic but Mrs CCB made this lovely korma from Bosh :slight_smile: proper tasty.

Going to the football for the first time in ages. King’s Lynn Vs Notts County!


I’ve had bread for every meal for too many days now. Dinner was a vegan feta sandwich. I am bread now, hello :wave:

Going to get in the bath later, after having one I actually enjoyed the other night. Wish I had some chocolate :chocolate_bar:


I’m having chicken goujons and beans, but homemade gousto version which was a pointless choice with hindsight

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Brian Harvey Special for tea and some Seinfeld for a change.

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Had some leftover lamb leg and spiced roast potatoes, both from Persiana, so I decided to make it into a curry with coconut milk and SPAENCH and green beans and it was very enjoyable. Got leftover leftovers for tomorrow now too.


Today I had my first therapy appointment in over a decade and have also just sent an enquiry about booking my first dentist appointment in nearly 5 years. Now if someone could make me go to the bank, sort out my car and make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, that would be great.




My feet ache

Made a new cocktail, and gonna do katsu for dinner

Maybe Scream 4 and starting Euphoria tonight


If I can get off my arse then I might chuck some curry and chilli powder into a pot of beans, toast up some bread and pour the beans over the top. Would add cheese but I don’t think I have any. Not even any halloumi.

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wanted salmon for dinner but lidl was a wasteland and had to forage for whatever was available

sausage and random vegetable pasta it is