Tuesdevening Thread

shit is going down on hollyoaks

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They’ve not done a big fire for awhile

Turns out that Notts County are sponsored by Jake Bugg, the Buggmeister!

Jack is a creep


just bought a puppy

Pasta pesto with haloumi for tea, going to do yoga, eat a doughnut and watch some telly.



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Bit of tact Misbah

Still on my arse. Trying to resist the urge of ordering pizza instead.

how are there no photos

slicky pls


Was wondering the same. Think Slicky is on the wind up tbh

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Has Warren come back from the dead again recently?

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well we’re getting him on Saturday. no-one took photos of me today :smiley: , but wait…because you will be inundated


Hello :wave:

Cramps and more cramps and feeling a bit sorry for myself because of it. I am lying in bed whilst the bf plays D&D in the living room. I took a chocolate bar through to the bedroom to munch on but I’m thinking I should go swap it for an apple and not give in so easily just because PAIN. Haha. Want to have a big sob but it’s not happening.

What should I watch, DiS?

What was that about at the end? Did the kid cause the explosion?


I’ve looking forward to this for ages and I’m going to watch it tonight. I’ve heard it’s really good.


Coughing that hard that you pull your stomach muscles isn’t good is it?

Just catching up on work emails that I missed earlier, I see I requested the 08.35 train to Birmingham and it’s been booked for 10.35. Checked back, yep, I wrote 10 instead of 8. Why brain, whhhhhhhhhhy.

Do you think train companies will refund based on dyscalculia?!

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m9, you can’t talk about puppies in my thread and not provide photos!

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You Can’t Make a Tomlette Without Breaking Some Greggs


Don’t think so, he did leave his step dad to die because he is being influenced by his serial killer grandad (Sylas/George from drop the dead donkey)

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