Tuesdevening Threadning?


Don’t think I’ve started one of these before. Hello everyone. Been up Birmingham all day for my Masters induction. Got great excitement and great anxiety duking it out in my noggin right now.


going out to a friend’s show tonight but been told to lay off booze so that’s gonna be something. still gonna have burritos even though i was told to lay off spicy food so gonna not use any hot sauce or anything and have mild as fuck burritos :frowning2:


Hiya! Nothing much to report here – just like yesterday I stayed off work with a fever, and have spent the day either in bed or watching telly.

I’m meant to do a phone call to a company in Iran tomorrow. Like most of the other bedwetters on here I don’t like making phone calls to strangers in the slightest, much less when you’re uncertain how much you’ll be able to communicate with whoever’ll be on the other end. Eurgh.


kitten is ill.

heart feels a bit tight thinking about it. he’s with the vets since this morning and A is going to go and pick him up (or be told they’re keeping him in) at 8pm. I’m a bit freaking out.


Who has told you to lay off all these delicious things, and why?


doctor thinks i have a stomach ulcer :frowning2: gotta lay off coffee too. why, lord.


I feel for you, bro.


What’s your masters in, @manches-brute?


Good luck! I had a really bad day today but i have chocolate and kittens so this evening is looking up already :blush:


thanks pal. how is life back in norway?


Ups and downs mate, as ever.


:frowning: hope he’s ok


feel very conflicted


Have a load of work to do this evening, which probably means I’ll be on here the whole time.

Found out today that one of our projects has been asked to play after Stars of the Lid in October as part of an afterparty/modular synth showcase so I’m pretty excited a out that.


Evening manches et all,
Just bumped into DiS stalwart Severed! :slight_smile:
Gonna have a chilled night tonight and perhaps eat fajitas, in fact definitely eat fajitas


been working from home all day because I am ill, so now I am enjoying being at home at 6 rather than heading off for my commute. Gonna go and waste some money on food. My mum just invited me to some religious thing on Facebook despite my numerous requests for her to never do that, so going to spend the rest of the evening suppressing anger. starting to thing people might have a point about Facebook.


A billion freshers have descended on Bristol, they all move in groups of about 8 at around 1mph. I fucking hate all of them.


thanks man :frowning:
last night one of his bright blue eyes suddenly went yellow. this morning it had red in it. i took him in and the vet looked really nervous and said that to have it happen so fast isn’t good at all, and the fact that he isn’t pawing at it means it’s not just a scratch or irritation. so could be brain related apparently :frowning: really feeling weird


fingers crossed for the little fella


Doing fuck all.