Was in a shite mood so had :pizza: and :beer: Might have a bath and a cup of tea. Wuu2?

Having a pint, editing some writing and feeling morose.

Feel slightly better with the use of the word morose, and now less so having dimmed the effect through repetition.

Is tonight’s football on YouTube?

Just had a swim

Today is a good day


Went on an excellent walk up and around Cheddar Gorge. Look at the circular reservoir! You can also see Weston Super Mare etc in the background .

Contemplating when to start on the gin tonight, probably sooner rather than later tbh, soothe my aching legs.


Where are you? (Missed the post where you mentioned it)

V jelly of you guys’ nice trips/locations. I tried to go for a swin in harringey lido and it was grey and dirty and i just got depressed.

prawn fajitas

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Yaaaasssssssss :+1::grinning:

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Just back from not a very long run at the gym, Jesus fuck that was the hard, fuck knows why. I’m aching and drained.
Food, sofa and Fargo. Only 2 episodes of season 2 left :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Had dinner there, listening to interviews with Pusha T now. Going to head over to the TV’s house later to hang out. Quite enjoying this taking it easy lark.


It’s the all new Kallgeese :innocent::+1::innocent:

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ah, i went to cheddar gorge recently but was much too knackered after a long drive and climbing the steps up to the tower thing to do any additional walking :cry:

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Hello all, just made lunch for tomorrow so today has officially been productive! Need to look for some form of casual work about the place,but I really have no idea how to do this. Maybe deal with it tomorrow

The costa del crime

A place called Elviria Hills

It’s kind of a Dutch/Nordic/German ghetto on the costa del sol

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had a shower as soon as I got in. had two showers today. Might make this more of a thing.

got a pizza for tea (sainsbos not squared) and probs gonna watch the soccer match.

Hahaha! Only midweek 'Geesey, weekend me is still the same!

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Might do a bit of writing, had this idea about a lonely person in a tower block being paranoid the neighbours are all trying to kill each other under the guise of being self-sufficient for a while so maybe I might start a bit of that.


Sat around drinking coffee and not painting/looking at paint pots. Have no food at this gaff. So hungry!!!

That sounds like a pretty good evening, pal.

No points for guessing where I still am. Gonna finish what I’m doing now (maybe in an hour or so?) and then go home and straight to bed. Have a couple of really long days ahead of me so better to get up early tomorrow.