We went round the other way so came down the steps.

To be fair at one point R asked if hell was like this? Lot of hills involved as we did both sides up and down…

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You smutty bastard!

A prawn taco, surely?

so very very very tired, hard to even type this

@witches We repotted the cactus today, three of them with proper cactus soil and everything! Hopefully they won’t die!

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I’m having a celebratory G&T - exam results were good but not quite as excellent as would have warranted the nice wine I had earmarked for the occasion.

Ate a Tesco curry for two we’d meant to eat on Saturday and now we’re watching the Indepence Day sequel.

had some chinese

I have no other plans

Rewatching Game of Thrones, mostly just to spite you tbh.


Feeling cranky and stressed about work. Didn’t go for a run as got in late plus it’s tipping it down. Making crappy food for tea. Want to cry a little bit.

Been to Aldi and bought bits and pieces. Back to being stressed out due to work after a few days last week of happy times. I’ve my 1:2:1 tomorrow and I reckon some things will be said about my attitude and performance. Going to phone mum in a mo for a chat.

Wanted to go see the Cat Film at my nearby cinema but it sold out :sweat:

nothing to do with all the boobs then

Work was dreadful today. I knew this fortnight was going to be terrible workwise but still :smiley:

Just waiting for it to be an acceptable time to go to bed so I can go through it all again tomorrow :frowning: screw my head of department for going on a fortnight-long holiday at our department’s busiest time of the year and last-minute ordering in loads of new stock when we have other priorities…

Saw a bit of that the other day, quite surprised at the amount of recognisable actors sullying their legacy and reputation getting involved with such tripe. Broadbent!
I liked the bits where the main characters try and do acting though because they’re all wooden as fuck.

There weren’t any in this episode. I’ve half a mind to write to my MP.

Got asked if I was buying a beer because it was named after something to do with game of thrones yesterday, looked insulted and said I’m not even on thronesbook pal.


thought i’d apply for some more jobs so went to browse jobs again

hahah terrible idea. every fucking job wants EXPERIENCE. i have loads of journalism work experience and training and a year’s experience in a customer-facing role and 18 months’ experience as a voluntary amateur PR & marketing officer with tangible results and yet… i never have enough experience for entry level roles in PR, marketing, advertising, content management, social media, whatever. i literally provided 4 A4 pages of ideas for marketing strategies at my current job when they wanted ideas - loads of my colleagues, including senior ones, approached me and said they were great ideas, yet because the company owner hates change and is really reluctant to try anything new, none of them got implemented (and barely anything new gets implemented unless it’s his idea in the first place). i even volunteered to work on the social media strategy for free so it wasn’t costing them anything… but no; in fact the owner actually told the marketing manager that she was only allowed to post on the Facebook page once every 2 days!!! so fucking demoralising. i don’t think i’m a total charisma void in interviews?? what more can i do??

how the living fuck does anyone get a job that pays not-shit wages?

When I got home from work I was feeling really low.

I couldn’t decide between going to watch a football game or go to gym. I nearly did neither, but in the end forced myself to gym. My mind feels a lot better for it. It definitely helps and I should excercise more.

I find wildly exaggerating your experience helps, like change volunteering to do something into ‘made an active contribution to’ and so on.

It takes a bit of gumption,but you need that to be a journo don’t you?


Doesn’t happen unless you’re rich or old or both. Reckon playing by the rules will get them absolutely anywhere is probably the most insidious lies we tell our kids tbh.

i rewrote my cv recently to focus on things i achieved at all the places i’ve worked instead of what the job involved and i think that helped? if you’ve already done that, then :woman_shrugging: