Think I might have walked right past @cutthelights going for his evening run earlier on :running_man:

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Work is pretty stressful at the moment. My job relies so much on external people who are just not delivering at the moment and there isn’t really anything I can do to make them work quicker. Makes me look shit at my job too, which I am sometimes but not this much.

Ran 8K and ate a mountain of pasta tho so that’s something at least.

Listening to this.


I saw them play that a while ago at the Festival Hall. So awesome. I wonder if we could play it to Trump?

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We could get Yo La Tengo to join in as well!

Went to the shop to get a few things, came back with Freefire. Might watch that.

Ha you probably did! :grinning:

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Yeah yeah…

following my boyfriends run on that Beacon thing on Strava cos I’m a worrier and he insists on running in the late night danger hours but it keeps showing him running straight into the Tyne :bangbang:
all I need

so happy about joanna newsom having a baby though :angel: would have preferred it to have been with bill callahan but I suppose its not really up to me

Vaguebook alert,
Why are some people so vile and horrible? How can people who do awful things walk amongst us?

My ace Brant Bjork t shirt arrived.

It is…snug.