Hello drownedinsound, did you have a nice day? Anything good coming up for you this evening?

Usual rubbish day and still not feeling so great. Think there might be a Film Club tonight though, so there’s that. Not got anything else to add, I’m more interested in you, yep - you!

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Hello moustache bear. My day was fine.

This evening I have learned a “drum fill” and am now going to play computer games then read a book.

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Got a lot of washing up to do.

Think I’m gonna read, not read in a while.

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had a nice veggie burger for dinner, now it’s time for a bath

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Good evening. Had a fairly relaxing day. Did some admin stuff and ordered some stuff online, including some new pillows, which I’m particularly looking forward to.

Oh, I also ordered a new toaster, so many thanks to all the people who suggested ones in the thread I did last week asking for advice - that was very helpful of you all.

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Which film is it tonight?

Captain Fantastic


Quite, quite hungover still.


off work for rest of the week now, so feeling p chill

burgers for dinner, episode of Angel, film (onto coming of age theme-month), weird flavoured Jaffa cakes for dessert

no beer as saving myself for my (v OTT) cans for the big day tomorrow

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Had kofta curry for dinner. Got some more work to do tonight then not sure what I’m going to do.

On my phone it’s saying I have 23 emails and it’s annoying me so much. Go to my inbox and filter it to unread emails and my phone is all “lol just kidding you don’t have any unread emails!” but the little icon is there saying twenty bloody three and it’s irking me. IRKED.

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got oi clean-shirted, sort of

not exactly - not right up in my grille, and I retained most of my dignity

but ugh, roving gangs of shitbag kids

Mate, I’m having this with my voicemail. I never listen to them anyway but once the icon annoys me too much I call up and hold it away from my ear and delete them without listening. It’s not gone. Had the horrific experience of holding it to my ear to make sure I’d deleted them and I have but the stupid icon will not go away. So irked.

the packet of prawn cocktail Quavers I just had was nice, tho

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Please send me some. I’ve wanted this return since whenever they vanished…early 90s? But sainsburys don’t do them and really cba switching my online shop now I’ve committed to sainsbos

Nooooo :tired_face:
I feel for you, it’s something so small but so, so irritating. Weird icons, go away!!!

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I ate some rice, now I’m drinking a beer.

Still thinking about the chocolate bar I lost.


M still awake. Got a phone interview in 9 minutes :grimacing:

We can get through this kermy

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arsehole landlord who up until this point has seemed broadly fine, getting a bit arsey with me because I’ve told her I’m moving out. Scum, the lot of them

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