Alright? Not long got in from my 7-5 shift at the beer warehouse/bottling plant. Beyond tired so we’ve ordered dinner. Gonna drink a beer and be in bed by 9 I reckon.


Can’t stop sneezing. Don’t have hayfever so fuck knows. Massively pissing me off.

Busy day of meetings at home. Mr Socks keeps eating the stale cake our next door neighbour throws out for the birds (chiefly eaten by the local magpies who have been bullying him) which doesn’t agree with him at all so I’ve been trying to update folks with a bunch of stats while periodically cleaning up cat sick. All day. Lovely stuff. Supposed to be off tomorrow but there’s just too much to do.

Gonna have some beers. Play Control. Empty my head a bit. My brain pipes are full of numbers.

:pizza:takeaway I reckon

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I have an upset stomach so bland mush is on the menu for dinner.

fuckin starvin and gonna have masel some fajitas for ma tea. :+1:


what a day out

Hey everyone

Saw both my daughters this arvo, turned out really nice in B-town

Venturing out for beach cans on my bike in a mo, hope I’m not pushing it recovery wise. But i need that vitamin D

One of my friends is now the uk 24 hour mountain biking national champion so I might attempt to vendevous with the ride/ beers for that later (he’s celebrating riding his bike for 24 hours straight faster than anyone else over the weekend by going on a big bike ride :grinning:)
However I expect tiredness and bad timing will prevent that


Going to just drink coffee and smoke until Love Island comes on I reckon. What on earth is life for?

doing another freakin’ jigsaw!


Off to the pub later for a birthday meal with the missus.

After eighteen months of convincing myself that I didn’t want to go out at all, and that restaurants and places to eat weren’t something I needed in my life, combined with the fact that my other half is a veggie, oh, and she’s allergic to mushrooms, Add to that that a lot of pubs doing food don’t do nice beer or are really average pubs it was really fucking difficult to find somewhere that I wanted to go that was somewhere that might be suitable for all involved. So, anyway, we’re off for Sausage & Mash up the hill later, which actually, is just right.


I’m having fajitas for tea too! :raised_hands:

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Did another one this afternoon too. Bloody love those jigsaws. :joy:

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Evening all :wave:

Proper Bill Withers of a day here. Three Shires Head was too busy and in dire need of conservation but the walk to and from it was beautiful :slight_smile:

Now sat at the top of Monsal Head with fish and chips


these would make great jigsaws!

(please help)


Putting a bairn to bed then going to watch a bit of footy on a dodgy stream.

Not long back from a big walk. Got soaked during the last part.

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Working still :-1:

Rekkids on :+1:

Got a beer :+1:

Saw the local cygnets learning to fly on the river today and it was amazing, never seen it before :heart_eyes: but it means they’ll leave soon :cry:

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Are you compiling jigsaws?