Alright? Had a stupidly busy day at the factory. Came home and made a kind of mini roast dinner so that was nice. Sister Wives and sitting down now. Wbu?



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Saw a flat - fine but not that inspiring

Gonna make a new meal for dinner

Using the excuse of buying basil to make a gin basil smash (and having to also buy the gin as well …)

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Putting wee one to bed. Hoping it is quick and easy.

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I went to check out a new gym, as my membership on my current one expires next weekend

Had a nose round but wasn’t that impressed and it seemed plece with intimidating people. Had a small panic attack and left without saying bye. So I’ll stick to my current place. Also read reviews online before I went which weren’t great saying his hard it is to cancel.

I’ll try and get a radio stream of tonight’s big football match.


Should be on radio devon.


Evening routine in full flow of dinner and Sopranos (Furio is on the dancefloor). Seeing Talk to Me in 2 hours time, need to get a snack before it.

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Oh they don’t have commenary online though i don’t think. Through the TV works though

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Surprised they are airing Wycombe v Sutton United :grin:


Fuck off Wycombe

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Plymouth Palace is on Bbc 5 live

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I get half price popcorn at the cinema with my bank account and the code never works so they always give it free (happened twice) yum

Feel sorry for everyone having to travel to bloody Cornwall from South London and back on a Tuesday night!

I did consider it, but wouldn’t be able to get time off.

I think the Palace supporter coach left at 10am

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Could probably get the sleeper train back I reckon (at ÂŁ300 or whatever it is)

Cornwall isnt in London?


Just imagine everywhere in the south being walking distance


In a bad mood for some reason, but haven’t had to cook a dinner for the first time in about 3wks (save for eating out), so that’s rescued my mood a bit.

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