Tuesdevevening thread

Today was hands down the shittest day’s work i’ve ever done. Even worse thsn yesterday somehow.

Tea, vidya, bed tbh.


Waiting for a mate to get into Baker St from out in the sticks, going to catch up over dinner in a pub.

no progress yet (3 minutes later):

today I had to go to one of our regional offices for essentially a five minute meeting. takes ages to get there, loads of hassle and hate going there.

got home to find next door power washing the pavement outside their house as their builders, who have redone their garden and side path, have left rubble everywhere. haven’t bothered cleaning any of the rubble they’ve left all over my side path though :fu:

listening to an exceptionally tedious nerd podcast

Sat waiting for gate information at Gatwick

Definitely going to drop my films off tonight, cos I want to pick them up on Thursday lunchtime. Other than that maybe eat stir fry? Push the boat out and have a magnum for pudding maybe?

update: still no update yet

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Where’s @anon19035908?


Really not having much luck with bikes. My fault this time

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Alright. Cooking an Ottolenghi thing. Meant to be simple. Fuck off is it. Smells amazing though

Got a G&T and some other booze.

Having a bad week. Three bike punctures, annoying spot on my head and a dog pissed on my back.

i really enjoyed this, your man who plays david koresh is excellent

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I’m listening

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Have you thought about using public transport?


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How do you know you’re not in one now? Hey? HEY?

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I should mention that my current phone’s headphone jack doesn’t work so have no music for the flight.

christ. :weary:



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Tiny little bastard moths everywhere outside today, hung my washing out to dry, now it’s covered in them.

Enjoying listening to my upstairs neighbour playing piano, sure going to miss that when it’s replaced by the toddler moving in soon.

Got the last Instant Hotel to watch then going to read more of my scary mermaid book.