Tuesevening for this evening

wuu2? have no idea what i’m gonna do, got a really chesty cold so can’t really gym. got no food in either :frowning:

Hi prof!

I’m about to cook some pasta, if I can just manage to get out of this very comfy chair.

Should aim to get some transcribing done this evening but massively cba.

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Enjoying the irony of not getting a flight here then having this as my hotel room view:


need to apply for a job i’ve seen that could be good, but cba.

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On the train which miraculously wasnt too delayed

Though I’m worried having typed this that I’ve jinxed it bc this train sometimes - when delays are going on - just randomly stops one stop before my stop

Stoppedy drop stop

Welcome to the hotel Domino’s
such a two cheesy place. such a two cheesy place.


Got a room service apple pie for later. My dinner came with a “Dutch salad”, which was - I swear to fucking god - a slice of gherkin on a bed of shredded carrot and garnished with raisins.

What the FUCK, hoogy


rule one of…food…never order anything prefixed by a country. always shite.

remember the ‘tuscan soup’ at my old work was just water and baked beans

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don’t need to go into east anglian etc.


Not a country. Yet.

Rooting around my ma’s. Found my great great uncles dispatch box

For the Rhondda on behalf of Labour obvs


that’s very smart.

It’s heavy as fuck. All the better for brutalising Tories.


this sounds quite sarcastic. it wasn’t meant to be, that’s very cool.

Just want to show off about being a man of today, a man of achievement.

Fixed gate
Repaired coving
Painted bathroom
Various bits of caulking
Picked up Jumperoo from Bracknell
Made macaroni cheese
Went to pick up wife’s dry cleaning (was not ready)
Other shit


i’ve ironsed myself here a bit.

Anyone wanna chose my dinner? I have a feeling I did this the last time I stayed here. :woman_shrugging:

One of my pal’s brother’s nickname is Waka @profk

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truly a man of success.


scottish breakfast
welsh rarebit
brazilian bbq
canadian bacon

there’s probably others