Tuesevening for this evening


garlic mushrooms
classic fish and chips
5 pints.

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I’d go for the two dinners for £39.99 and a glass of wine


chicken wings - > mixed grill


  • eat the veg you prepared last night before you became ill
  • idk, fucking order a pizza in or make some pasta

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*porridge with salt only

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The best way tbf

Been to Oxford. Wandered round 3 (three) museums. Had Five Guys for lunch. Made me really sluggish in the afternoon. Don’t like that feeling, and missed out on that Ben’s Cookies guy as a result.

Having left over pie and roasted veggies for dinner, some beer and GBBO.

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When I was in Morrisons just there, the cafe was promoting a fish special. On the plate was battered fish, two battered sausages, scampi, mushy peas, tartar sauce, chips, choice or gravy or curry sauce and two slices of bread and butter. Think it also came with a drink. For £6.99!!! Almost went for it just so I could post it in the thread.


I’ll have your slice of Swiss roll then

can barely talk here, think I’ve got laryngitis or something

dinner, telly, bed, isn’t it. the banality of existence, eh?

No charge for losing the helmet, its a Halloween mircale

you absolute rookie, t

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Turned down an offer of dinner with another patent twat and said I’d get room service so I could catch up with some work.

Currently watched two episodes of How I Met Your Mother and one and a half of Friends.


You’ve let yourself down, you let me and eps down.

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I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. Also angry.

Honestly not fussed. They’re only cookies at the end of the day, but you lot race about them so much they must be alright. Next time.

Edit: that dickhead has a shop in Brighton. Had them before then. They’re fine.

I even WhatsApped him to tell him to go :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:



Chinese takeaway
Indian Local