Hello. You know what to do.

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Pasta and a couple tins for me. Wont be watching gbbo. Probably work on music or some shite.

Mac and cheese and red wine :wine_glass: So ruddy tired. Put a bed together today but the mattress isn’t coming until Friday :sweat:

Hello sooo coffee chat,

Got a v60 thing delivered today. Just used it for the first time. Pretty good. Probably not quite as good as my mokka pot, but almost as easy as instant and much, much better.

Got 3 hours to wait to watch The Deuce. What shall I do?

If you can face it, what percentage unpacked would you say you are?

Still aint watched ep2. Should i?

Ha gonna say 3% prolly. Unpacked some mugs and the kettle today. That is all.

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In Belfast airport. Suffering the rath of my colleague as I insisted on getting the later flight as I get really stressy about not leaving enough time to get places and didn’t think we’d make the earlier one. We’ve now exhausted all there is to see and the flight doesn’t leave for 90 minutes.

Did get excited earlier when I saw fifteens in a Starbucks so had to get one.

That’s the one that’s on tonight… so I’m gonna say yes.

The only flight I’ve ever missed in my life was because a colleague insists on booking the seven o’clock flight from Schipol when our hearing in The Hague can go on till around six. Colleagues can fuck the fuck off, you’ve booked the right flight.

Finished my hypothetical lasagna from the weekend. It was excellent.

Got the house to myself tonight. Not sure what to do with myself, by which I mean there’s about seventeen mutually exclusive things I want to do and I’m now paralysed by indecision.

Thanks, your validation means a lot. :+1:

Fucking hell, no need to be sarcastic. Enjoy your awkward silence with your colleague in your dickhead airport.


Really hope emojis show on @laelfy’s phone or this is going to go a bit wrong.

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I’m still stuck at work until 8:30. Not really doing much, I’m wondering whether the police caught those moped riders I saw earlier. Hope so, as they nearly took a cyclist out, and were obviously up to no good.

I was being genuine! Genuinely!

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What’s it on?

Sky Atlantic

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Made a lentil bolognese, was pretty nice.

Then GBBO innit. Probs make a pot of tea.