Tueseveninging thread

Bang on 6pm. That’s how it’s done, folks!!! What’s for tea? Any other plans?

Clive’s pie for me, play some zelda and some guitar. Then bed. Fin.


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Meating @laelfy for ‘table’ pizza and drinks. Just mooching into town to meat her


What’s a table pizza? You sure you didnt mishear stable pizza?

I’m going to think about playing FFVII


Don’t feel too good folks. Might try and rectify by going on a walk (probably won’t work)

After that have a Bolognese to cook.

Literally a pizza the size of a table. Place in Winch called Pi


any good?

gonna eat some random stuff from the freezer (linda mccartney sausages probably, some potatoey thing, etc), watch a film, hopefully finish a book

It’s my Friday night! :tada: Got some beers and some spicy chicken burger things, going to watch shit TV and do very little else.


Blimey! Save me a slice.

Will report back in ~45min

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It’s pretty decent

Spicy nugs? @AQOS


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Looks like tuna for dinner. Too hungry to provide further details at this time.

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hey king crimson are on spotify, when did that happen?

recently I think, like this year or something

I’d say have a drink but I’m not sure that’s good advice. Love having a drink to kill anxiety though

jesus :grinning:

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Have you informed @Tuna

He has no say in this.

Gonna cook up some lemony/garlicky chicken thing with potatoes and garlicky mushrooms, oh and some asparagus. essentially all the food i have left over.

Got a bit of work to do later but tonights highlight is definitely gonna be fresh bed sheets. :heart_eyes: