Tuesing Evenday

alright folks! What you got going on?

howdy witchola

not got anything on tonight, I’m pretty tired. prolly just make tea then bed. suppose I could tidy up a bit around here first. meh.

Chinese later apparently :thinking:

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Hmmm no recommendations here, in fact I’d like some recommendations myself! I forgot to cancel my audible account so I have a few credits I need to use up. @rob.orch what was that book you recommended again?

I told myself that I’d start alternating between one trashy book and one boring ‘classic’ that I should have probably read by now, but I’ve not been doing it

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Would you say you’re a neat and tidy person, japes? How clean is your flat?

Had a burger (see dinner thread). Little tap room has set up next to Bleecker so having a sludge beer before Macbeth. Man, the NT is such a beautiful building.

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Hey witches.

Doing tacos and beer and football. Prettay tired today and dreading going back to work on Friday :grimacing:

Evening Witches et al,

I’m glad today is over. That being said got a fair bit of work to do tonight and need to be in very sharp tomorrow.

I’m hungry, think we’re gonna have tapas type stuff tonight. I fancy a swim.

Pretty much

What is a sludge beer?

The beer we like and @profk hates


:thinking: I’ve never called it sludge before

@profk does


He’s a funny creature


A brilliant one too


I believe this goes without saying :smiley:

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Just reaffirming. Hi @profk :wave:


OMG I just remembered I bought a lush bath bomb


Evening all. No big plans for tonight. Kicking a ball about with the boy at the moment, bedtime in about fifteen mins then I’ll get some dinner on. Other than that probably depends on what’s on tv.