Morning. Heavy rain woke me up an hour and a half ago. Still ridiculously muggy despite the weather.

Standard working Tuesday for me; got a pilates class after work so that should be nice.

And you?

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Just been woken up by a thunder storm starting. .

Another office day today and most likely gym tonight.

Awake early by my usual standards because I’ve got to go into the office for a 3 hour meeting, so of course it’s pissing down with rain


Had about 3.5 hours broken sleep last night. Up and showered and its chucking it down. Mini at nursery today, so im going to work from campus again today.

Absolutely shattered. Gonna make a quick, strong coffee while everyones still asleep and I get ready.

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Morning all :wave:

Got horrible work dread, which I don’t expect to pass for another few weeks :+1:

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Rudely awoken by the dustmen. Forgot to put them out last night didn’t I? Stayed awake because of the storm. Am sleepy


Yep, we had that rain rolling through. Super heavy. Beautiful.

Not much going on today. Need nappies for son and an idea for dinner

Someone ringing my doorbell just now :roll_eyes:

Got a meeting shortly about a towpath. So very tempted to cancel.

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Good morning.

I woke up at half past 5, so decided to go for a little bike ride. Got downstairs and out the door to find it spitting slightly, so popped back upstairs to get my jacket.

It was torrential. Absolutely soaked through to the skin - but I loved it - the thought of knowing I was going home at the end for a hot shower and coffee spurred me on (all of five miles).

Now I’m already at my desk, and replying to emails.

What has become of me? I had two gins last night too so this perkiness is bizarre :smiley:


Bloody awful weather, light drizzle but far too hot for a coat. Sweating under an umbrella as I’m back in the office again. 6 out of the last 7 work days.


Was going to get up at 6 and go bouldering before work but it was pissing it down (I cycle there) so I didn’t

Having a coffee in bed

Much work to do, got to hit up two diff offices and help prepare one for a conference tomorrow - major cba energy

At least I get a buttery for breakfast


Could pick up my fans today also, but it’s the wrong side of town from the office I’ll end up in last hmm

Beautiful storm happening atm

Having a lovely tea with the back doors open getting a cool breeze, listening to the rain, immaculate vibes

Morning troops

I forgot to out some nominated people against tasks on a bid so got into trouble for that. Oops.

Going to the football tonight :soccer::scotland:

Time for some toast and an orange.


Unfortunately that was yesterday and I’m another member of shit weather club today. Works for me tbf, quite looking forward to a lazy day inside.


Didnt manage to get a coffee before I left the house earlier. And despite having a big ol umbrella somehow got a bit soaked still on the walk to nursery. Still Mr s_w treated us to a Greggs breakfast (cappucino, pain au choc) after so im now set up in the cafe/workspace with my coffee and laptop and procrastinating from cracking on with work :sweat_smile:


Another office day. Only to get nails done :crazy_face: yesterday’s office day was brows and lashes lol

I’m doing something MOST exciting tonight. That right, I’m going to a SATC 25 years “exhibition”. I think it’s mostly just a pop up shop though where I may be able sit in Carrie’s window and I couldn’t help but wonder……


Morning. Absolutely shitting it down here in North North London.

Three days of work then I’m off for 17 days :muscle: