I need to buy some Bluetooth headphones but I cba either

Really need them though!!

At some point I’ll delegate all responsibility to the lovely people in the headphone thread, but even typing the post is effort

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Don’t tell the headphone thread, but I’d just wander over to Richer Sounds and just try out a few that are in my budget. Then you don’t have to trawl the internet seeing who’s got them in stock, and it’s easy enough to take them back if there’s a problem.

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Had an interview slap bang in the middle of the work day so I’ve been pretty much unable to concentrate on anything at all.

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Lucky you who has a richer sounds to use

I just did it! I ordered them :muscle:t2:

Thanks for reminding me pal


This is very niche advice for Tim, admittedly, based on local knowledge

incredibly sticky

got a great delivery, did a bunch of successful work

zero plans after 30 mins more emails, and thank the lord for it - bumped a social event to next week

This is good advice for the over ear set I want

However looking at the website Richer Sounds have little to no choice on the in ear ones I need for cycling (the kind that wrap round the back of the ear, I will lose any other in ear type)

My physio said you should wait a bit before doing morning stretches as you’ll naturally loosen up a bit and it’s better to stretch after that

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Very good vibes today so far.

Woke up to cooked breakfast (poached eggs, bacon, butcher’s sausages, beans, toast)

Sat in the hot tub til I got wrinkly. Lunch at Le
Columbier for classic French fare.

Very lucky to have been gifted a hot stone for making pizzas on the bbq, a red two years older than me and a star bottle for the champagne collection.

Feeling like a happy old man. Got my cat on my lap and waiting for a meal tonight with my wife, my mum and my oldest friend among others.

Life really fucking rules.


Happy bday bbz

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ThanQ Hun #blessed

happy biiiiirthday xylopone!

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No cocktails today??

This is such a cheeky banger. Genuinely one of the best tunes of the last decade or so.

May have gone overboard yday afternoon.

(Painkiller, greenhorn, last word, grasshopper)


Grasshopper to end a night is always risky

Had a couple lovely ones with @Unlucky one fine night

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Theres a beautiful whippet on my tram. Just a bit too far away for me to engineer a hello.

Gonna do salmon, potatoes, assorted veg for dinner, and stir up a paloma