Pissed it down on my walk from the tram to the office.

Lots of unimpressed unprepared people scurrying around the place.

Might have a bit of marmalade on me crumpets.



Trying to get back into normal sleeps after nights. Urgh.
Going to force myself to get out of the flat this afternoon then meeting my good friend for dinner

Morning friends

  • Stretch first :woman_cartwheeling:
  • Coffee first :coffee:

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Hi, you enjoy watching cycling don’t you? Can I ask you a cycling question?

Watched the TdF documentary on Netflix the other day. So good.
The first episode shows horrific footage of a rider (Fabio —?) from a couple of years ago getting shoved into the metal barriers during a sprint finish by another rider and almost killed.
Did the other rider get prosecuted or punished in any way? They don’t cover it. To my inexperienced eyes it looked like fucking GBH or something.

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I just rang my dad to have a natter and I said ‘I’m watching Lorraine’ and he goes ‘is it still raining with you?’

Deaf as a post he is, god love him

He got a ninemonth ban if I remember a quiz question right

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Still need to watch this.

PLanning a bit of a mental one on Saturday - gonna get the train to Bristol and cycle back along the Great Western Way :smiley:


There’s nothing like some heavy rain to highlight all the leaks we have in our house. The one in our bathroom has got significantly worse - I think because the extractor fan packed up a while back and the room doesn’t dry out after someone has a shower. Do you think extractor fans are hard to fit yourself?

If I’m also remembering correctly there were also lot of cycling fans on twitter who were banging on about it being a racing incident and an unfair punishment, as if putting someone into the barriers shouldn’t be one of those things where intent is irrelevant and the duty of care to other riders comes first.

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Just realised how I’ve not been watching any fun television because my internet was so fucked up.

Now it seems a refresh and reconnect by the operator and touch wood, everything is tickety boo!!!

fucking jinxed it. bastard.

@AcceptanceIII yeah, Dylan Groenewegen got a 9 month ban. Not long enough, Jakobsen nearly died.


You know when you start to sense that your phone’s begun it’s way out, that you can squeeze a few more months out of the battery while you save up for a new one but it’s not going to be fun? yeh

thunder crack was perfectly timed with my alarm this morning.

Went on a rural Berks/Bucks daytrip yesterday and bumped into Theresa May then went to a big house that turned out to be where Nancy Astor lived. Never leaving London AGAIN.


Its one of those days l.

Cw a bit gross so im sat working away in the cafe/workspace. Its busy today as theres a conference on that the delgates are waiting to start. Decide i need a wee. So i leave my stuff on my table and off i pop. After ive finished, before ive flushed i realise ive dangled the entire length of my cord dungaree tie in the toilet :sob: The toilets are busy and its soaked, so cant really sort myself out here. So i tie it back up :nauseated_face: Wash my hands, pack up and flee back home, in the rain, as quickly as i can. Full outfit change, washing machine on and im back.

Got myself a coffee for a treat on my return. Thankfully its gone quiet now. Feel very silly and embarrassed. And a bit gross.


In a zoom meeting. Just turned the camera off while I popped to the loo and immediately walked into a door. Didn’t bother muting so everyone in the meeting got a loud, extended volley of expletives. Lovely stuff, really pleased about that.

Sounds like everyone else is having a shit day too. Let’s just sack this one off and go have a nice lie down, eh?


Greatest idea ive heard all day that.


In lieu of that I guess we all need to be extra careful when going to the toilet. So much can go wrong and the world is definitely out to get us today.