Oh i thought you’d taken the laptop with you like that supreme court mystery toilet flusher a couple of years ago

My new work has one of those old fashioned “clock on clock off” devices where you have to take 30 minutes for lunch, and there’s no culture of sitting at your desk browsing the internet and eating your sandwiches. So here I am, sat in an abandoned staff picnic area, messaging you :wave:

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Spread some garlic olive oil on the butter side of my baguette; I’m a sandwich genius!

stole this idea from subs I had in America, I still think I deserve some credit for remembering it and doing it today though


My day has improved a little with a rather delicious JCB for lunch :

The lettuce could have been a tad fresher but still perfectly fine. Plenty of beans and cheese and potato, good ratio too.

Also the beans and the lettuce together kept making me think :


Took myself for a little walk on lunch and borrowed a book from the library to avoid spending money

Follow for more tips on curbing your impulses


Look at this picture of my niece from a few years ago :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sob:


Cheeks :heart_eyes::sob::heart_eyes::heart:


Get a GCN subscription and you’ll be hooked!

Others have covered it already, but here’s a link if you’re interested to read more

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I wanted to say something to her but just felt pity more than anything tbh. Plus she had bodyguards.

Christ I’m so fucking bored but can I convert that into actually getting anything done (work or otherwise) ? Can I fuck. Did throw a 125 on the :dart: earlier - but then my throwing deteriorated badly and I lost interest

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Got things I could actually be spending money on (2x sets of headphones, maybe a tv for the office, maybe you can justify an iPad? , my phone is dying (battery life, started getting a bit hot, charger/ headphone port thing keeps disconnecting) so I could justify getting a new one as I’ve had this one a few years) but I can’t even get enthused about shopping. I did order a new reusable coffee cup earlier

I need to buy some Bluetooth headphones but I cba either

Really need them though!!

At some point I’ll delegate all responsibility to the lovely people in the headphone thread, but even typing the post is effort

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Don’t tell the headphone thread, but I’d just wander over to Richer Sounds and just try out a few that are in my budget. Then you don’t have to trawl the internet seeing who’s got them in stock, and it’s easy enough to take them back if there’s a problem.

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Had an interview slap bang in the middle of the work day so I’ve been pretty much unable to concentrate on anything at all.

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Lucky you who has a richer sounds to use

I just did it! I ordered them :muscle:t2:

Thanks for reminding me pal


This is very niche advice for Tim, admittedly, based on local knowledge

incredibly sticky

got a great delivery, did a bunch of successful work

zero plans after 30 mins more emails, and thank the lord for it - bumped a social event to next week

This is good advice for the over ear set I want

However looking at the website Richer Sounds have little to no choice on the in ear ones I need for cycling (the kind that wrap round the back of the ear, I will lose any other in ear type)