Tuevening 10/11/20

I was on an hour long work meeting on Teams this morning so I turned off my camera and played ‘Fallout: New Vegas’. Probably learned more playing the game than I would have listening to the call.


semi regretting getting this HDMI cable set up to the living room. My grandparents were big Corrie fans when they lived in the UK and now they want me to stream it to the telly in the living room.


Huge, huge danger of displaying any, uh, “specialist” videos you might be watching straight into your grandparents’ living room.


And also with you.


Evening all!

My day at work has been both very inefficient and very tiring.

I’m very much regretting agreeing to extra classes.

Wor Lass made jerk lamb this evening, which is delicious. The meal plan had indicated a pea and ham soup which wouldn’t have hit the same spot.

This was done within a few hours of moving in after I raised the possibility of my grandad being able to watch Real Madrid for free (there’s 2 more holes like this in the other room). Had the power drill out before I could protest


I don’t watch porn, mate.

How did your Grandad react after the Valencia game?

he mentioned it over lunch unsolicited today, but I wasn’t there at the time, so not really sure.

badly, I suspect, from our conversation today.

I was going to make a joke about the former tennis player Bjorn Borg but then I thought “know your audience, CCB”


Borg again

Evening all. Nearly had a mare in waitrose.

Allll the card machines were not accepting contactless payment, and I only had my mobile phone with me. After a few mins of stropping (not at the server though its not their fault) I came up with a brain wave. Through work we can get vouchers with a bit of money off… Including John Lewis, which can also be used at waitrose. So I bought a voucher online and scanned it through regularly.

Tilty won’t go hungry tonight lads!!!


You cannot be serious!!1! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That Borg was on the line!

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Come on Tim!


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just had ma dinner, gonna maybe stick on the west wing. Might have a face mask :thinking:

always seems like a good idea at the time but


Thought that was Theo for a minute


Hey up. Had a good day, then a kind of British standard misery dinner which was fine but very not exciting.

Bake off in a bit though. Might crack open the chocolate for it.