Tuevening Thread!


I know it’s 8 minutes early but I don’t care! It’s my Friday, and it’s payday! Walking home listening to Elton John and drinking a beer. Life is good at this precise moment, what’s on the agenda this evening? Oh and cheers DiS!


This is early! And I am late, I’m only just eating my dinner!

Mozzarella and tomato salad for dinner. Yum.

Dunno what to do this evening, might curl up under a duvet on the couch and watch netflix. Boring I know.


Pleased to hear this, long may it last!

It’s only 10am here, plans are to cycle round Stanley Park and maybe go to the aquarium. Going to see Blackkklansman later and watch GBBO on catch up.


go see the otters!


Going to have an entirely beige dinner in a minute. Genuinely can’t wait.




I just ate four stroopwafels in a row. I’m going out for dinner in five minutes. What the fuck is wrong with me?


Might as well finish the packet now.


I did. There were four left.


Love a beige dinner. What you having? Paint me a picture with your words



Went to a musuem then park then spent about on hour brushing knots out of unicorn’s hair. About to have a game snap. Exhausted

Need my sister to come home from work soon.


someone’s gonna have quite the sugar high.


Evening all!

Baking cookies for GBBO and dinner at same time, is another 4 different meal banger.

Going to try not to drink as going into bath tomorrow for school shoe shopping. Urgh! Tiger as a payoff though. Woo!


Pasta and pesto for dinner, what can I add to this to make it less boring, trying to cut down on the meat.

Going to spend the evening emptying 3 book cases so I can move 3 book cases 2cm along so I can put a cd storage thing flush with the wall


Greek housemate just told me I have Greek features :blush: :blush:
love it when people don’t think I’m english


no offence


Saw some sea otters chilling off Vancouver Island - total GBOL


Working, then an assortment of British cooking competitions on TV.


Co-op southern fried chicken fillet. Potato wedges. Mild perinaise.



YESSSS. Dinner of champions, that