Tuevening Thread!


(Id prob just add a shedload of parmagiano or grana padano and be happy tbh)

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My job is so fucking dull. Proper grunt work for which I’m entirely overqualified. Decided to see what else was out there, and the very first post I looked at contained the sentence:

If you aren’t interested in sprint planning around farts, hair accessories and unicorns, I think The Beige Trouser Company are hiring too.

I hate my industry.

Cajun-glazed pork for tea! Tonight keeps getting better! I’ll probdbly fall over or something in a minute to redress the balance, don’t worry.

Oh and my new oven mitts arrived in the post!


the fuck is wrong with that cat

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What does which bit mean? If you’re referring to ‘sprint planning’ then it’s a meeting which happens every n weeks where an upcoming timeboxed period of work is planned. That upcoming period of work is called a sprint.

If you were referring to any other part of my post and you know exactly what a sprint is then apologies for teaching you to suck eggs.

help me decide pls dis
wait, I can’t work out how you do polls anymore. can you not do polls on this site now?? what the fuck!

anyway should I make some food that might be ok and have at least one vegetable or should I go and some chips instead?

It is very odd.

I know what sprint planning is (I’m a product owner), but what the fuck have unicorns etc got to do with it?

Not a huge fan of adding carbs to carbs tbh

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Quirky zany company!

Tru Scot

Oh I see


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can other people still make polls or is it just me?

I need to know!

  • I can
  • Poll

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fried spinach and mushrooms

and bacon

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i also own several products

  • Soft_shell_taco
  • Hard_shell_taco
  • Different_tacos_for_different_needs

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I have a strict no mushroom policy

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What situations are you needing hard shells for?

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