Tuevening Thread

I don’t care it’s only 6pm, this is my only chance of not being usurped.

Went out for lunch today and my parents have this belief that going out for lunch = no dinner so no dinner for laelfs tonight. Going to watch the football and drink passion fruit cider.

What about you?

Evening Laefs et al

Am still on the train home. Work continues to be absolutely relentless. I don’t think much is happening tonight. Might watch some Crazy Ex Girlfriend and eat some Matchmakers. Probably need to do some pre-Christmas admin (wrapping or somesuch) but it’ll probably wait.

Doesn’t that mean that you get to have something like cheese or beans on toast for dinner? Like a Sunday evening tea.

off to a Christmas concert to see my eldest perform in St Davids Hall (big venue in Cardiff) have to sit next to my ex for 2 hrs. Should be a fun night. Not.

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Am liking it for the St David’s Hall and eldest’s performance bit obvs


ha yeah fella. I’m really looking forward to seeing her on stage. Just the other bit I’m not so keen on :slight_smile:


evenin laelfs, dis

not really been on much today, just hanging out in the film thread. where did you go for lunch?

No they say things like ‘oh I’m still not hungry’ and ‘theres really no need to eat again, is there?’ Which of course means I can’t go ‘yes, I still want to eat!’ Some toast or something will be acceptable later.

We went to Miller and Carter in Newton Mearns (had vouchers for it) which is apparently a steakhouse chain I’d never heard of. Waitress took the piss because none of us ordered steaks.

any good?

evening. currently trying to organise my DiS secret santa, i have one element so it’s not all bad.

still stressful though. :grimacing:

tv should be home soon, we had a pretty bad end to a night out on sunday which we didn’t discuss yesterday as we were both hanging, we should probably just discuss it and get it out the way. hmmmm

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I can’t remember the last time I had fewer than three meals in one day other than maybe due to sickness

I drank the gravy from the little mini saucepan


You do it to yourself, you do

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i know, i really hummed and hawed about joining in this year as i’ve got lots on but it was such a lovely thread last year i didn’t want to miss out.


Gonna have chilli jackets and garlic bread for tea. MasterChef and early bed as I’m up super early tomorrow. Alright day at work, but tomorrow is mad busy. Bleugh.

Have a baby photo


Aww look at those wee cheeks

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Alright chaps? Got some meatballs and spaghetti on the go which I believe is a @keith favourite.

Finally found a good Christmas gift for my da. The cheese society is a lovely little cafe back in Lincoln (UTI) and they’re doing a cheese and whisky pairing thing on Burns Night (my birthday). Proper jigsaw falling into place moment. Not sure if the logistics will work out but would love to go to this with him :cheese: :tumbler_glass:


Your parents are weird.

Gonna read the film thread because I was actually doing work today unlike some people judging by the number of posts