What’re you on with? Spinach and ricotta pizza in the oven :pizza: :call_me_hand: BAFTA m9 lent me a screener copy of The Shape of Water (such a terribly earnest title, sounds like something a drama student fresh out of uni would call their play) and see if Guillermo has made a good film to add to that one other good film he’s made :film_projector: :call_me_hand:

Just literally had a cup of beans for dinner


Did you go full savoury 99?

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Just stuck the new Nils Frahm.

Got a chana masala/gunpowder potatoes ready meal. As very lazy.

Reading a bit of joseph heller. Probably continue Band of Brothers later.

It is currently 4.28am. A new employee woke me up at 3.32am to let me know they are too sick to attend their first day of work. It’s going to be a very long day.

Also anything that starts the 'The Shape of… I will always ‘to come’ on the end.

No. Had a bit of crumbled Brie in it tho and done cucumber chunks on the side. I’m thinking about some chocolate ice cream with granola sprinkled on it

Wassap jermy. I’m in a hotel in Manchester and about to head out for my favourite garlic and chilli halloumi. Tonight I’ll mostly be working with some occasional browsing of DiS. TV looks crap so might actually get some done.

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Wow you really tarted those beans up man.

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HIYA :wave:

Really wanna watch The Shape of Water, it’s not out for like, another three weeks. :triumph:

Got leftover Indian takeaway for dinner :yum:

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Hey hey chief. Oh man had some Lebanese takeaway the other day and ordered a lot of halloumi :drooling_face:

Almost at the so tired im hallucinating stage

Had a burger for dinner. Burgers here are shite man.

Going to a spanish speaking night - was quite fun last week. Shrug

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Alright dingers? I’m not holding out much hope for the film but I hear good things and I love Sally Hawkins :crossed_fingers: :grimacing:

Halloumi’s the best. This stuff is battered :drooling_face:

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Evening all. Off to see Sink Ya Teeth and Mary Epworth later. Could really do with sleep though, as today is Sunday.

WOOF! Had some breaded halloumi at some street feast thing in summer and they ruined it by boshing loads of pomegranate seeds on it #loldon

I’m probably going to be 90% tomorrow after a real fucjer of an illness. Having the day off as I reckon little man will be well enough for nursery tomorrow and I need a fucking rest oh Lordy


Very tired but have to go and record vocals and decide on the running order for an album. Really hope I’m in bed by eleven.

Was ill over Christmas. Three solid days in bed then went back to work. My advice…take some more time as otherwise you’ll be total knackered

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