Watching Spirited Away. 10/10, will definitely spirit again.


Impromptu curry and beerz with an ATD

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Should really have a night off booze but i need a beer, man. :beer: just a small one.

Or are you?!?!?!

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Chinese takeaway to celebrate being employed. Might stick on a film.

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Hey @Epimer @ericVI look at me using chopsticks like a pro!


Congratulations on the job :confetti_ball:

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Repacking my suitcase. Third flight away of the last 8 days. Off to Copenhagen with work. Running on fumes

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evening all,
felt so weirdly passive today that I could barely be bothered to even click on poll answers (my primary dis activity), but some bibimbap and several-months-out-of-date kimchi seem to have reignited my active powers. Now all I have to do is decide whether I should a) catch up on today’s work b) try and fail to beat emerald weapon again

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Stanley Tucci is such a class act

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Feel awfully low. Cancelled on plans for tomorrow because it felt too stressful and feel like a complete failure as a result. Want to melt away into nothingness.

Failing that, might just watch some tv :woman_shrugging:

Did he come back after flounce #2




Hey everyone, bored and a bit lonely tonight

About to eat a homemade mcchiken sandwich

Will spend the evening watching TV whilst a bit baked

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It was right at the end of the day so he huffed down to complain to the Senior Lecturer.

This is irking me so hard.


Why d’you think I posted it? :wink:

:triumph: :rage:

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