Flippin hi fivin the shit out of you here


I know. I’m considering thurs too but I guess we’ll cross that bridge.

Flicked over to the Sony Movie Channel to lol at Burlesque, the Cher/Aguilera film, and am now very invested.


Really hope this small town waitress gets to overcome some hardships (she’s just been burgled) and live out her dreams as a burlesque dancer.


Maid in Manhatten? What a title that is!

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Haaaaaaaaai :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

I feel deaded. We’re going to cook some dinner and then watch tv for the rest of the evening. @laelfy isn’t inside no 9 on tonight? Someone confirm for me that it is because it’s the only decent think I can think to watch tonight.

Might bung a beer in the fridge.

@Jeremys_Iron that film irks me so. Cher is always so good in films and it looks SO BAD.


Get your head out of the clouds dreamer it ain’t never gonna happen

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Cher has been very good in this so far. I laughed at something she said and that was my in.

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That’s what I thought but the lead dancer has just had a bit of morning sickness in the toilets at the club and now Aguilera is grinding a chair in her civvies. Cher and Stanley Tucci (yes, you heard me right) look VERY impressed.

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Yes it is although I’ve never watched it, and it’s not on till 10 anyway. Where’s reruns of Rick Stein when you need them?

Quite fancy Cam Gigandet in this.

@Witches it’s one of those bad but good films.


He is very handsome, I do hope he and Aguilera settle their differences because I think they’d be a great couple and have good chemistry.

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Really weird and irksome evening at work. Got stuck late and the dude i’m working for flounced off and really left me in the lurch. It was also someone’s last day in the office and i asked her if she had anything lined up afterwards and i think she thought i was asking if she had any plans tonight :grimacing: awkward af.


omg YES https://www.brighton-pride.org/britney-launches-european-tour-at-brighton-pride/



Did she?

I just can’t stand all the


:roll_eyes: uuuuggghhhhhh

I hope you drank them like a true hero.

But enough about Cher!!!11

Ged our huskies followed by sauna then dinner of reindeer stew. Prolly go look for northern lights in a bit - were proper green and shimmery yesterday. Only downside is having to use the outhouse while it’s -30 out :scream: