Indian for dinner. Naan and poppadoms. Yum.

Will try and go to the gym later, but snow’s forecast so not sure I can be bothered.

How about you?

Cottage pie for dinner.

Ordered my daughter’s presents for her birthday. After dinner, bath reading and bed.

Watching the new true detective s3e1. I think I prefer a true detective about things that aren’t city mobsters.

Nearly home, I left the car at home so I’m getting two buses. I had a coffee at 5, which was really silly, my heart is racing a bit.

I’m also supposed to be going to gym, but with the predicted snow and it bring up a big hill I’m not sure I can be bothered.

Probably lasagne for dinner.

Evening all

Going to get home, have some dinner, and then go watch King’s Lynn vs Royston. The glamour. I was hoping it might get frozen off but the pitch looks in reasonable condition.

Work is a bit weird at the moment. Going away in just over a fortnight’s time and feel like I’ve got a zillion things to do beforehand. Might write myself a list tomorrow.

Buenas tardes a todos.

Part way through a pint of Vedett in a nice wee pub I’ve just found in Wolvo (yeah, I was surprised too…). Gonna grab a chicken curry from the curry van outside the Molineux and then enjoy a feast of football. Probably freeze half to death in the process, despite being well layered up.

Is the true detective making a Netflix murder documentary :cry:

Having a bite to eat then I’m going to see Low

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Had my dinner really early. Chilli tofu. Made the cubes smaller this time which made me think I had more to eat.

Evening all,

We’ve got leftover pie from Sunday for dinner.

Just spent the last 2 and half hours booking bits for Primavera. We gave up on the idea of not slaughtering the planet with air travel because, well, it was just going to cost so much more to do the train option and prices are creeping up and I’m so bad at planning and communicating things to people, like, “Hey, we were thinking of visiting you in Paris for a few nights, on the way to Barcelona. Would you like to see us, can we stay at yours?”. Instead we’ve booked a hotel with a pool, because that makes total sense and is no way frivolous and there’s a second pool and a gym too.

I’m now very tired. Sleep well every one.


Chips and pizzzzza for dinner.

Had a fun day, with a choir and recorder double whammy. Looking forward to collapsing on the sofa in a bit.

Alright zeal et al - gonna need some more info on that cuzza man.

Wife-o’s photographing Big Davey Attenborough this evening so I’ve got the run of the place. Masking my blatant jealousy with pizza and beer and football and cake.


My eyes are stinging. Have to go to work until 2 am. Super tired but can’t risk another coffee.

Literally just arrived…

What do y’all think about read receipts?


Evening all.

Making a toad in the hole. Bloody love a good toad in the hole.

The gf has started watching Ancient Aliens as visual comfort food for some reason. Terrible, terrible TV. I’m getting plenty of mileage out of using, ‘Ancient astronauts theorists say yes,’ as my new justification for everything though.

Is it possible that colossalhorse will spend a few hours playing Monster Hunter World and eating ice cream after dinner? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes.

Hope you’re all well.


About to have pizza with, erm, more pizza for dinner. Then movie. Then bed.

Dousing my hands in all manner of moisturising solutions every five minutes or so along the way.


Chicken tikka masala
Prawn byriani
4 X poppadoms
1 X naan bread.


W :clap: O :clap: O :clap: F :clap: