I’m in one of those pubs that has tvs in each booth. Only just occurred to me this is for sport reasons and not to show films silently.

What’s going on dis?


that seems really exciting and futuristic.

Then again it’s just a tv I suppose

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Very quiet in here this evening :thinking:

I had an oven pizza. It was rubbish. Might have some crisps and maybe a small cry.

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That’s because my wisdom teeth are playing up, so I’m trying not to talk too much

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Pub and pizza!

Was supposed to get loads of work done today so I could be a bit hungover without worry tomorrow but OBVIOUSLY I didn’t did I.


Shopping isn’t coming til between 7-8. What was I thinking? Have passed by the time putting up Mrs Dewdney’s autumn decorations and choosing some different CDs for the car.

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So anyway, I’ve got uncomfortable wisdom teeth, because I’ve got a cold, which has led to swollen glands, and swelling at the back of my mouth too

  • Numb the pain with alcohol
  • Drinking booze will slow down your recovery. Have soft drinks, and an early night

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Blocked toilet

Crying baby

Twisted ankle


At this time of year, they’re for youtube fires, imo.


About to have a third shot of the good stuff. The last two made me feel utterly rats for 24 hours, so not really looking forward to it but still probably more fun than the delt variant, so here we go…

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Cocktail with a book, little bit of productive stuff after, veggie haggis nachos for dinner and instalment 2 of spooky season

Had my flu jab this morning. Will probably come down with a variety of aches and pains in the night, once I’ve written about it being nice that I’ve not even got a sore arm so far, but I’m going to do so anyway. I’ve not even got a sore arm so far, which is nice.

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Had some daal.
Watching Underground Railroad
Was gonna go for walk but might just stay toasty
Probablt have a chai

Worked 9:30 til 7 today and think my hours are going to gradually increase over the next few weeks. Hohum. Do like leaving work into the dark cold night though.

Trying a different route home tonight. Stage 1 of 2 has been good so far, worried about stage 2 though. Will report back.

Salmon and veg for tea, two episodes of mad men and then bed.

:train: :bus:

:fish: :broccoli:

:business_suit_levitating: :smoking:



I miss the old pembury tavern :sweat: so many good memories in there. Just aint the same these days.

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Working out! Get hench!

Evening. I’m off to watch King’s Lynn Town vs Barnet in the Vanarama National League. Current forecast:

It’s gonna be scrappy.

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Roundhouse 8.00. £4 advance/£5 on the door.


Looks like you’ve got the weather we had here in Cardiff 24 hours ago. Hope you’ve got some decent waterproofs

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