There are fewer worse places for your kid to be an arsehole than a NT property. Surrounded by (a) parents whose children are behaving delightfully and (b) folk who are easily irritated by kids.

Had dinner there, watching ‘Persuasion’, the BBC version from the nineties now. @Gnometorious, have you seen that?

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Sympathy like.

Different vibe but we’re a bit broken here. R is teething and I’ve never seen her in so much pain. Getting her to sleep is a huge battle then she wakes up 30 mins later crying. Exhausted emotionally and physically.

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Basically just have to find one and continually post it, then you make it your own. :smiley:


Eating ciabatta
Gonna see if the pervo episode of countdown is up on all4 yet

Last day training tomorrow, can’t believe how quick the last month has gone. Gonna be very strange doing a new job for the first time from home. Hold me.

Two days til payday…

Is that some kind of tokoloshe on the doorstep?

Bit weird using a cursed house as packaging for paint.

My feelings exactly.


Think I’m going to re watch Northern Exposure again


What colour/room?

Verrrryy slowly doing the living half of the kitchen…one undercoat and three topcoats takes it out of you!


This thread better be on and popping tonight, no work tomorrow and Mrs working until late. Keep me entertained people.

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Not seen this before


Omg guys I forgot to tell everyone!
So you know series 4 of love island, and there was the awful guy Frankie Foster who was obvs a massive Tory and got with Samira and used her and was just a total prat??

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I haven’t got to be up until 11am earliest and am on the beers soooo

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There are loads of lovely Elliott Smith clips on his HGATR. Though every thread needs more Elliott.

Having to eat a tonne of ice cream so we can defrost the freezer… or something like that anyway.

Got a bottle of Prosecco that’s been in the house for a while too and I’m tempted to crack it open but I’m very aware I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. Decisions, decisions :thinking:

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Brilliant! He was an idiot. Wonder what he’s doing now.

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Evening DiS

Why won’t my child go the fuck to sleep? I want a beer! I’m currently listening to Lauren Laverne sing the go to sleep song from Tee and Mo for the third time already :zzz: