Tug of war is a sport that directly puts two teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull

Rules V.S. creativity, this is a constant tug-of-war for being a creative. A balance act of following what you have learned and know, and deciding to throw all that out the window to dive into unexplored territory (creativity). Personally, this has been a consistent challenge and growing experience for me.

​When it comes to guidelines they are very helpful, having helped me pave the way into making better music, and hitting new milestones. Yet, there have been times where I have become cemented into these habits, that I become fixed to these narrow thought processes, making music more like a robot, instead of making music like a human. Can you relate? Usually, what breaks me free from this, is being frustrated to the point of discontentment with my current level of skill/art/music/etc. that I take a step of faith, or someone encourages/inspires me to take a risk and do something that I would usually shy away from. Sometimes, the outcome is not what I was hoping for, sometimes, it goes beyond what I was expecting.

​When it comes to creativity free from rules, the experience can be very liberating. Taking a chance to explore new territory in the creative realm. Like I said before, this can lead to new revelations in music (as well as all forms of art), but it can also lead to a mess that needs a second look, along with some guidance (rules). So, one has to be careful going full on artistic, it is like the chaos in “chaos and order”. There isn’t control in this realm, that can make for the better, but it can also lead to the worse. Therefore, it is important to have the order (rules) in place to keep the direction forward.

​I believe both rules and creativity go hand in hand, they are needed in order to make a quality piece of art; to make a masterpiece.

​This topic can keep going, I do very much enjoy talking about this, but I am going to end my experience here for now. I am curious if you relate to this? Have you gone through these experience? What breakthroughs have you experienced with rules and creativity (order and chaos)?

Hope you were encouraged by this, go make some art!

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You know who wanted to bring order to chaos? Sauron, that’s who.

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“The real mission? We’re going to save the human race.” –Jack Weyland

Where is humanity headed? Jack Weyland wants to take us to the stars, but what will be the human cost of his efforts? Order and Chaos , the third deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner , pits three new subversive Anarchs against the bleeding edge ice and operations with which the Weyland Consortium intends to safeguard its most far-sighted and futuristic ambitions.

Its 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards) amplify the high-stakes cyberstruggles between the developers at Weyland Consortium and those destructive Anarchs who would rather see the corporation’s utopian ambitions reduced to ashes than raised to the heavens upon the backs of the downtrodden. Accordingly, you’ll find a slate of new identities, tech, and tools that enhance these factions’ core strengths, even as they permit the exploration of new themes and decks. The Weyland Consortium gains a host of new, advanceable ice, as well as new strategies for protecting their agendas and assets while raking in bundles of quick credits. Anarchs, on the other hand, unleash a plethora of destructive new programs and resources that can tear apart anything a Corp can put together, whether they use them to further their humanitarian efforts or simply vent the pent-up rage of a disenfranchised youth.

Finally, Order and Chaos presents fans of every faction with six different neutral cards that they can use to safeguard their servers, evade tags, and advance their economies.

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