Tumblr to ban 'adult' content

I’m guessing that on average, DiS is probably a bit old for Tumblr but this seems like an ‘interesting’ choice and one worthy of discussion, especially in the ongoing debate about how social media is managed/policed by its creators as it becomes more and more ubiquitous. I never really ‘got’ Tumblr myself but during a certain phase of my life a few years back it certainly seemed more useful as a filth repository than as a blogging platform. I guess they’ve crunched the numbers and figured that they can exist purely on Sherlock gifs.

Despite its reputation for wokeness, the platform itself always seemed relatively libertarian with regards to smut and this is allegedly linked to Apple’s decision to block the app from the store because of apparent child pornography which had been found on there. That’s awful, obviously, but this seems like using Thor’s hammer to open a pistachio.

Also, something about “female-presenting nipples” really jars. Like being uber-woke while simultaneously perpetuating the view of female bodies as being necessarily sexual. Or something. I’m not good at word.

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May I shock you

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Isn’t this male nipples? Like, nipples presented to men are likely to be male ones?

don’t use tumblr much anymore but used to follow a few sex people
bit sad for them :frowning:

There’s lots of dodgy stuff on there, though. Like, revenge porn, etc. There was a really famous site years ago that made the national press because literally thousands of men sent in pictures of their ex-girlfriends. Surely blanket bans are better than just saying “…but alas there’s dodgy stuff on (other website) too, so…”.

remember being in porn gifs in 2011


You could properly police your platform rather than ban all adult content outright, I guess.


All the best ‘calling outs’ happened on tumblr

Are tumblr banning nipples?

Same with Steam. The whole tech industry is united in its belief there’s a magic algorithm out there that will curate their vast, intrusive empires for them. And every time it takes a Russian teenager about 10 minutes to circumvent it. Hire some humans ffs.


Well, exactly. I get that no-one has a right to any private company’s platform to make a living but Tumblr KNOWS how much of their success is down to SWs operating on there. To do this at such short notice seems really callous.

It’s good but it’s not the one

I broadly agree but the reality is when they hire humans they tend to outsource it so you get people in poorer nations being paid a pittance to bear witness to horrific, traumatising content for an inhumane number of hours.

Using people over algorithms is definitely a better solution at this stage of machine learning’s development but doing so ethically isn’t something tech companies are often willing to consider.


Oh just

We’ll sign you!

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Even people doing in the UK suffer greatly from it though - there’s been a number of BBC articles about people talking about the side effects of moderating on google/Facebook. Not a job I’d ever want to do.


Yeah it’s a horrific job for anyone to have to do. Just like the police who have to work these cases and trawl through so much horrific evidence I’ve no idea how anyone could do it and not be traumatised. As you say they should be experts with plenty of support and they should only be assigned to do it for a short time. Which is expensive but the platform owners have to take responsibility for this.

An algorithm that can weed out all the blatantly criminal sites and horrific imagery and leave edge cases to human discretion is the ideal. But we’re not there yet.

‘I predict our new porn-free tumblr will be even more popular than our previous product.’



Including Tumblr’s announcement, supposedly

Somebody at Tumblr itself taking the piss, apparently.

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