Tuna 🐟 (evil fish eating thread and poll)


  • Brine :fish:
  • Sunflower Oil :fish:
  • Spring Water :fish:

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Whatever’s on offer, not fussed really


Make a fucking decision


Spring water > Brine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…>>>>>>>>>> Oil


Oil is wrong.




You don’t get any of the omega goodness unless it’s in spring water




then I don’t want to be right


I know


Is there a “no thanks - I’ll eat it but only out of politeness” option?


What? Whose been force feeding you tuna? Did they specify the liquid?


Nobody! But in the unlikely event that someone served me a tuna-based dish, I’d eat it without asking what the liquid was.


not on fishbook


Wait wait, tuna are evil?

Fucking get on with it and eat them all then, you meatosaur twats.


i’m trying ffs


Nailed on.

Especially as I generally am draining it to put either vinegar or mayo in - wtf would the point of oil even be?


Wait…Vinegar?!? Explain.


lower fat than adding mayo.

but if I’m putting it in a sandwich with some tomatoes or on a salad I’ll stir in a bit of vinegar (like I, and many, would do with tinned Salmon especially) and mix it - not a huge amount, but just a splash. Bloody great tbh


Haha okay then. GOOD explanation. You may live to see another day.