Yep, sounds like Tune-Yards. Never quite sure about her, sometimes it totally works for me but sometimes it’s the most insufferable.

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I’ll have a listen when I get home. Her/their concert at The Royal Festival Hall was such brilliant fun.

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That Water Fountain song is unbearable. But I loved much of the second album. I dunno.

I liked your OP the other day apparently yet still started a new thread…:pensive:

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Liking this one loads more than the other two!

have had a couple of listens, and am pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t keen on her last one, but loved the first two.

Although ‘Fiya’ played on Spotify afterwards, and made me remember how much I love that song.

New single is cracking.

Very underrated band these days.


(Least you could do is post it m8)

But yeah, it’s great.

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Anyone go to their Royal Festival Hall gig a few years back? It was 90 minutes of just great smiling fun.

Teach a person to fish and all that

Thought the last album was the weakest by far but looking forward to this new one still considering how good the first three were

Yeah, although Heart Attack is a total banger. Was excited for the album on the basis of that but it did not deliver.

New single is absolutely great, hope the rest of the album lives up to it. Their soundtrack for Sorry to Bother You was really good too (from what I remember of the film)

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