Couldn’t think of a title so idk, hum a tune whilst you post or something?

At the dentist. Much like job interviews, i enjoy the dentist but hard to admit that without feeling like Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors.

Whatcha upto today huns


Off to a castle today! With the school.


Have to admit I quite like my hygienist. Even though she hurts me for money

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Someone’s dumped a load of non-recyclables in our bin and it’s not been taken and it’s four weeks until that bin gets taken again so I’ll need to do a trip to the tip I’m so irked

Had a very disturbing dream within a dream, feel so unrested!

Work, maybe cinema, listen to lots of rap


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Worth the drive to sheff that

Morning @Scout et al :wave:

2nd day of my first 5 day working week in over 20 months, WFH again today and tomorrow then office on Thurs & Fri. I thought Black Friday/Cyber Monday was busy/in demand in the UK in the online retail world. The USA is something else! Least it’s going quick though.

Got a Dr’s appointment at 3.45pm today which i’m trying not to spiral about/trying to leave Dr Google alone.

Had an almond croissant for breakfst which was pleasant.

Not much else to report.


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four weeks?!

Blue (paper & card)
Brown (plastic, metal & glass)

It’s very silly. Get one or two bin liners in the general bin per fortnight. Blue is always overfull in 4 weeks

Wisdom tooth exploded on me so a visit to the dentist is in my future. The same dentist the took an x-ray of my teeth recently and said I had no issues. Will be asking questions of them no doubt.

Work today, collect A from creche later on, hopefully have the energy to re-wire a P-Bass for a pal.

This post paid for by PROF$.


Had two Milkybars for breakfast.


I used to enjoy the dentist, but then the love of my life - Elisabet el Dentista - moved practice.

I should probably book in a checkup actually. It’s time to move on.


I remember this, ha. Excellent.

Woke up a bit fed up and teary today so I’m gonna go for a little run.

I have to finish a course this week and book the exam but it’s boooorrrrinngggg :yawning_face:

Just toasted an empty toaster


The cold that I feared was coming at the weekend has hit me today like a train. Feel like utter shit. So obviously I’ve got loads of work on. THANKS LIFE.

Send drugs.

Please don’t laugh at my heartbreak.


This is very much in the post for me, it’s a ticking timebomb