Any other fans of Norway’s greatest rock and roll band?

New album has appeared on Spotify. Sounds OK so far, although not a patch on Apocalypse Dudes.

*edit apparently it came out on Feb 2nd. Totally passed me by…clearly.


They’re a good bunch of eggs. Saw them 6 years ago at the Electric Ballroom, was fucking brilliant.

Giving it a listen now (found a stream on youtube).

Ha, Amazon say it’s released on 2 March. Odd.

Awful news. Absolutely no age.

So sad. Such an underrated band

Oh man, that’s rubbish. The run of Turbonegro albums with Hank fronting was stellar.

Blow Me Like The Wind is such a jam.

Awful, will be blasting Apocalypse Dudes later. RIP.

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Oh that’s awful news. I remember stumbling across them at Reading 03 and being instantly converted. RIP


Really shit news. RIP apocalypse dude

Awful news. I saw them live in 2005 at The Cockpit in Leeds, I remember he came on stage with a full fur coat and elbow length black rubber gloves. It was a great show!

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I went to Leeds Fest 2005 for the day with my mum, who just went so I had someone to go with. She’s normally quite prudish with music (she didn’t like MCR because Gerard Way swore a lot between songs) and Turbonegro were on after them. Despite their lyrics, she absolutely loved them because they were just a fantastic live presence. Funny and a real spectacle.

RIP Hank


Yeah this was one of a handful of times I saw him/them too. Seem to remember they ended the set by firing a load of fake Turbonegro money with Hank’s face on into the crowd :smiley:. Think I grabbed a handful of notes as a keepsake but fuck knows what i did with them….

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Oh yeah! I think youre right, I have a vague memory of that