It’s Thursday! Nothing much else to report, we’re probably all still tired and cold right?

How about a 2 good / 2 bad?


On my way into work for the first time since the 16th December. I’ve been moving my alarm clock forward half an hour each day since new years so the time isn’t too bad but bloody hell it was dark and cold on my way to the tram stop.


Tried to edit this but was out of time.


Didn’t cut myself shaving at 6.15
All my work stuff was where I thought it was

I’m not typing this sat in bed with a coffee.
The condensation on my living room window was ridiculous this morning.


Get a window vacuum cleaner- genuinely great for clearing condensation!

Nearly the weekend.
Visiting the office today so will see human beings.

Visiting the office means getting up in five minutes and going out in the cold.
General semi-suicidal January crisis syndrome seems to be in full swing.


Seeing Onsind tonight for the first time in yonks, quite excited.


got like 5 hours sleep. got lots of work to do today. :cat2:



:heavy_plus_sign: watched some tutorial videos on the way to work and installed some stuff on my laptop so i can learn some new code stuff, and hopefully use this to get a new job
:heavy_plus_sign: guy who is sort of my manager on this current bit of work is at a different office today so i might get some work done other than him sitting opposite me and asking me questions all the time

:heavy_minus_sign: shite work is shite
:heavy_minus_sign: really cold, have deployed my ultrawarm uniqlo long sleeve t-shirt and i’m still cold ffs


Hah! Got to love this! I do not even smoke ‘it’


Good morning.

  • New football boots should be in the post when I get to work (photo possibly to follow. Don’t know what they are yet)
  • Slept pretty well

Bad morning.

  • starting to get fag cravings for the first time this year
  • cold


Been to the physio. Not allowed to run until I get some orthotics. Ffs!

Meant to bring my laptop home yesterday so I could wfh this morning rather than deal with the traffic at this time, but I forgot. Might just have a cup of tea and wait a bit anyway. Yes, I will - boss is in another hemisphere this week. Fuck it.



Good: not much work on so I might be able to leave early tomorrow
Good: just bought a glazed pastry

Bad: got piles of stuff to sort out when I get home this weekend but can’t do any of it here so I’m wasting a lot of time which is frustrating
Bad: my phone is a POS but I can’t justify getting a new one.


:heavy_plus_sign: had good socks on during my bike ride today

:heavy_plus_sign: ate really well yesterday

:heavy_minus_sign: hungry already despite having porridge for breakfast ffs!

:heavy_minus_sign: it’s cold


They’re quite garish


mornin team,

Good: went to a shindig last night and didn’t drink, got myself some new found will power
Good: saw all my extended family at said shindig last night who i haven’t seen in ages, was really quite lovely to see them all.

Bad: got a fuck tonne of bills to pay off
Bad: have 3 rather substantial work based headaches that i need to sort


they look like they’ll make you run faster






First day back at work. No.


Fear of being kicked?



really must go to the gym today, that’s probably it