I did that yesterday so I could have the afternoon off :shushing_face:

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A few bits going on today:

Have to meet someone pre-burrito club
BURRITO :burrito: CLUB!!!
Need to go and pick up that thing I didn’t get yesterday after work
Loads of fuckin work to do

Oh wait @Jeremys_Iron no burrito? FUCKSAKE

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Hi all :wave:

Got a bunch of work to do today, and I’m full of cold. Woke up oddly early and just sort of festered in bed till it was time to get up, so I feel weird.

I am not ready to move house tomorrow. Would rather be at home sorting shit out.





I have a bald face for the first time in a long time. Feels weird maaaaaaan.

Drag night was brilliant fun, not too tired now. Parents are coming to visit my workplace at 12:30 so that’ll be interesting. I don’t know if they’re expecting a tour or what.

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I was in a good mood.

Now I am in a terrible mood.

Oh no, what’s up meow?

C an’t
B elieve it’s only Thursd
A y


house buying stuff/family related complications with that

ah, shit mate :disappointed_relieved:

It’s made me so upset and stressed since Sunday night. I’ve been a bit of a ball of anxiety since then.

I can’t make burrito club either cause I have to run errands for moving day tomorrow :disappointed_relieved:

Your selfie last night was quite something :+1::grinning:

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Fire alarm went off at 8.50. The building emptied. My department just shrugged our shoulders and stayed. We have fresh coffee and donuts.

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Up there with my best!

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Feel tired, depressed and stuff.

Not much on today - Conference Call in 40 minutes about contract renewal on our tool (hnnnarrr) that’s hosted by Deloitte.

Repeat myself to a direct report for the umpteenth time about things.

Hopefully meet the kids on the train home - they’re going to Bletchley Park.

Cry myself to sleep whilst watching the UEFA Cup. Might make a start on the beers I’ve had in my room for weeks.

Ughhh guys, im feeling really lethargic and rank at the moment :confused: I highly suspect the culprit is a mixture of no exercise, rubbish eating habits and that time of the month. Gotta get back on it, I’m such an idiot.

In better news, just got a risograph sample pack through the door. So many pretty colours and things!!


I figured those might be too old but they keep resurfacing (strong pics, interesting story behind them, etc). Depends how keen you are to track them down, really, but the BBC is pretty good about crediting images if they’re external so that might give a clue where they’re from. Otherwise there could be info in the metadata - they’re not always too careful about file names and so on (the DM front page was regularly uploaded to the paper review as daily_fail.jpg and the like). Reverse image search might turn something up.
EDIT: hope this isn’t mansplaining…