Don’t put the brakes on my thread, give me some tips!

Love Turin. Would like to live there one day.

This cafe has the best coffee and pastries ever


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Link won’t open for me :frowning:

Ah sorry. It’s called Pastarell

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 80

Turin has a million amazing bars that’s just a bit of a personal fav. I’ll try and put my mind to other stuff tomorrow.

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Quite close to where I’m staying, thanks :heart_eyes:

Shrouded in mystery…


Film musuem is amazing, and theres the lift which takes you up to the viewpoint where you get a great view of the city. Both need to be booked in advance.

All the galleries were decent too. Food wise I have a few saved somewhere, will dig them out.


Bumping this as I’m also interested in tips for bars, food and maybe smaller tourist attractions.

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food you can basically go anywhere because all they serve is:

8-10am - croissants
1pm-4pm - focaccia
7pm-11pm - pizza + pasta

do not try to order food outside of these times or you will be immediately ejected from the country.

san silvario is the ‘cool’ bit. there’s a whole strip of bars there which range from aggressively brightly lit wine/cocktail bars to places that seemed a bit too hip and young for us. fao of DiSers, there is a bar which appears to be exclusively for bike wankers. if you’re in that area there was a traditional piemontese restaurant that was good called dai saletta but they obv did a lot of meat courses that we didn’t eat. a friend who’s from Turin suggested the quadrilattero as the main square for restaurants but we only had like a day and a half so didn’t get there in the end.

the centre is alright and there’s some nice old town bits but just like a typical town centre and didn’t need much time there. like others have said, the tourist attractions like egyptian museum and film museum/lift thing were pretty heavily booked up in advance and generally restaurants were quite busy so best to book.

also wanted to try and get down to lingotto where there’s some sort of disused factories and a modern art museum iirc but didn’t have time in the end.


Hah, I think I’ve already scouted that out.